Jack White to Release "Live at Masonic Temple" Feat. 38-Song Set

All eyes are on a special 2014 setlist of Jack White's - on July 30th of that year, during the Lazaretto tour, he played a "rip roaring" set at The Masonic Theater in Detroit, a venue he saved from foreclosure in 2013. The hometown show was three and a half hours long and included material from both his solo work and all of his bands.

Here are the stats:

  • 38-song setlist
  • Three and half hour show
  • 17 songs by The White Stripes
  • 13 Jack White songs
  • 8 from Lazaretto, 5 from Blunderbuss
  • Two songs by The Dead Weather (Alison Mosshart joined on "I Cut Like a Buffalo")
  • One song by the Raconteurs (their 2nd most-performed song, "Steady As She Goes")
  • Two Hank Williams covers
  • He also covered Beck, Led Zeppelin and Junior Wells* (not listed at the time of writing this article)
Check out the entire setlist below (minus the Junior Wells cover of "Hoodooo Man.")
Jack White
This was a special show, noted to be the longest in his career to date. The average setlist on the Lazaretto tour was 23 songs.
This is a limited edition release, available only via Third Man's Vault subscription and only until January 31st. More info available here.
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