On This Day in 2005, Ludacris Live Debuted "Get Back" for SNL

Would you believe the first live performance of the Ludacris hit "Get Back" was a remixed version and featured a guest appearance by rap rockers Sum 41? Us either, but that's what the setlist.fm data says. Luda explained how the collab came about:

"We're all a part of the same company, and a lot of people don't know that — Island Def Jam, and ever since they put my bobble head in their video ... I was a fan of theirs before, and we just wanted to get together. I had a rock and roll version of 'Get Back' and I was like, 'Who better to do it than Sum 41?'"

The SNL episode, which aired January 22, 2005, was hosted by Paul Giamatti. It's tough to find video of the performance due to copyright, but check out the audio:

"Get Back" was the first single from Luda's 4th studio album, Red Light District, released in November 2004. He also debuted RLD track "Number One Spot" that same night, which is his 3rd most-performed song to date.

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