See Phil Lynott's Last Show with Thin Lizzy from 1983

It's been years since the world lost one of the most influential Irish rockers there was - 35 years to be exact. On January 4, 1986, Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy and Skid Row died from pneumonia after suffering from years of drug addiction at the young age of 36.
In honor of the legend who unleashed the anthemic "The Boys Are Back in Town" into the world, we're remembering his legacy by taking a look back at Thin Lizzy's last concert with Lynott, which took place on September 4, 1983 at the Monsters of Rock Festival in Nuremberg, Germany. Thin Lizzy broke up officially only a couple weeks prior at Reading Festival, and went their separate ways after playing the German fest.
The 11-song set featured work off of five of their albums, mostly from their popular record Jailbreak, opening up the concert with its title track and Thin Lizzy's second most performed song to date.
They performed only two songs off of their final 1983 album - "Thunder and Lightning" and "Baby Please Don't Go." In between they worked in several fan-favorites for a high energy festival set like "Waiting for an Alibi," "Are You Ready," "Still in Love With You," "Emerald," "Cowboy Song," and of course "The Boys Are Back in Town."
They ended the set on "Baby Drives Me Crazy" before coming back for an encore to perform their last song with Lynott - their famous cover of Bob Seger's "Rosalie."
Check out the setlist here:
Thin Lizzy
In between the three years since the band's break up and Lynott's death, Phil began a solo career and released hit single "Out in the Fields." Before his death, Lynott had plans to reform Thin Lizzy. His memory will always live in the music, as the band has continued to perform as a tribute to Lynott since 1996.
RIP Phil.
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