Sunflower Bean Live Debut New Song during 13-Song Livestream Set

Sunflower Bean partook in their very first livestream performance last night, January 7th, for Le Poisson Lounge TV in New York City. It was also their first show in nearly a year. The set promised an array of "deep cuts, surprises, and covers that may only be played once."
That promise was fulfilled as Sunflower Bean played 13 songs ranging from deep cuts to rare gems. They opened up with newer numbers like "King of Dudes" and "Fear City," then dived into material across their career.
Singer Julia Cumming dedicated 2016 track "Memoria" to her mom. They dusted off tracks from EP's like "Rock & Roll Heathen" and then would switch back to more popular numbers like "Easier Said" and songs off their last LP TwentyTwo in Blue.
SB opted to do a cover of one of their faves, Neil Young's "After the Gold Rush." Toward the end of the set they live debuted their latest release "Moment in the Sun." To close things out, SB performed a mysterious track that has seemed to stump fans, listing the song on as "unknown" and noting that they aren't sure if it's a new cut or a really old one.
Check out the full setlist here, and like the Tweet says, you have a couple more days to watch ICYMI or want to revisit!
Sunflower Bean

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