Fall Out Boy Play Surprise Hometown Show at Metro

Fall Out Boy returned to The Metro Wednesday night (January 25) an unleashed a career-spanning set that included the live debut of two songs from the forthcoming album So Much (for) Stardust, (unless you count their appearance on Kimmel, but that wasn't a whole show)

The band hit the stage at 9:40PM and opened the show with the debut of "Love From The Other Side." See it:

Noticeably absent from the setlist were any tracks from the band's 2018 album, MANIA. And maybe more exciting than the new songs was the inclusion of rarity "Calm Before The Storm" which had not been part of the set since 2007 and has only been performed 42 times to date. By contrast, their 12th most-performed song, "The Phoenix" has been played 423 times.

Mid-set Pete talked a little bit about the meaning of the record, citing movies "Reality Bites" and "Field of Dreams" as cultural influences, before launching into the debut of their newest release, "Heartbreak Feels So Good." Watch:

See the full setlist from the surprise show:

Fall Out Boy setlist

Postcards were passed out after the show, hinting at something else coming on 1/31. You can really get into it over at the FOB subreddit.

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