Guess List: Dashboard Confessional

It’s finally here. Dashboard Confessional’s first full-length EP since 2008’s Alter the Ending was finally released on February 9th. Called Crooked Shadows, this marks the band’s seventh studio album. But with such an incredible catalog of music, which songs from the new album will fans hear live on tour? This is a tricky one, but here are the best guesses!

"We Fight" - This was the first single released for the album, and it was a good call. It’s a “first song,” either to open an album or open a show. They’ll play this live and it’ll be their opener for a tour cycle or two.
"Catch You" - As I said, the good thing about Dashboard Confessional is they have such a great catalog of established favorites. The bad thing is that doesn’t leave a lot of room to maneuver with a setlist. This song isn’t going to make the live cut outside of the tour to promote the new album.
"About Us" - A song that feels way more appropriate for listening to in your bedroom, alone. While you think about the person you want to be not alone with. Not a live track, but use it as you need to on your own.
Dashboard Confessional "Heart Beat Here"
"Heart Beat Here" - Another single from the album, so a definite “yes” for live shows.
Dashboard Confessional + Cash Cash - "Belong"
"Belong" - The third single from Crooked Shadows features Cash Cash and is one of the songs that sounds the most experimental on the album. Count on this for live setlists, especially if Dashboard Confessional and Cash Cash are touring together.
"Crooked Shadows"- One of the biggest songs on the album with a super catchy chorus. Along with being the title track for the album I can see this one getting some love on stage.
"Open My Eyes" - Lindsey Stirling lends her incredible violin talents to this sweet song. It’ll be hard to replicate the sound live and a shame to do so without including Stirling and her choreography in a live show. Maybe not a touring song, but can see this as an award show or late night circuit song. Definitely needs to show up on fanmixes for teenage paranormal romance characters.
"Be Alright" - This should scratch the itch for a lot of people who have been waiting this long for new DC music, and that’s an important thing. But it’ll be easily overshadowed during a longer live set, so it isn’t going to make the cut.
"Just What To Say" - Minimalist shoe-gaze style songs aren’t really new ground, to say the least. That said, the lyrics of this song are strong enough to make me say this is going to be included, somewhere mid-set.

Dashboard Confessional is headed out on tour with support from Beach Slang starting in late February. They’ll continue playing dates in Canada and the US through April. If you want tickets, get to the band’s official website ASAP.

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