5 Songs The Neighbourhood Should Perform Again on 2019 Tour

California Indie Pop band The Neighbourhood are currently showcasing their 2018 self-titled album and the compilation of their extended plays that followed, Hard to Imagine The Neighbourhood Ever Changing, over in European neighborhoods... Their third studio album, which was released almost a year ago, touches more so on dark and electro pop than their sophomore album Wiped Out! did.
The extended play album, which was released back in November, is a collection of songs taken from a list of previous extended plays: "Hard", "To Imagine", "The Neighbourhood", and "Ever Changing," and also features songs with Denzel Curry.
Their 2019 European tour kicked off on January 30th in London and will wrap up on Valentine's Day in Moscow, Russia. Their setlists have remained locked in, with the majority being made up of cuts off the self-titled release and clocking out at 20 songs each night.
They've played only a handful of deep cuts like "Beat Take 1" and "Wires," but there's a lot of licks off their earlier releases we know fans are dying for the band to bring back onto their setlists. Imagine this blog as The Neighbourhood's official "song-request" hotline.
Song: "Female Robbery"
Number of Times Performed: 182
Last Time Performed: October 4, 2018
"Female Robbery" Live
Song: "Let It Go"
Number of Times Performed: 155
Last Time Performed: November 4, 2016
"Let it Go" Live
Song: "A Little Death"
Number of Times Performed: 78
Last Time Performed: December 8, 2014
"A Little Death" Live
Song: "Lurk"
Number of Times Performed: 51
Last Time Performed: September 6. 2017
"Lurk" Live
Song: "Float"
Number of Times Performed: 20
Last Time Performed: November 9, 2013
"Float" Live
The Neighbourhood have four remaining dates on this tour - they play in Vilnius, Lithuania on February 9th next. Head to their website for a complete list of tour dates! Make sure to catch these shows if you can, because the band noted that these will be their only headlining shows for 2019.

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