Neil Young Wrapped Up 4-Night Minneapolis Run with Many Rarities

Hey Neil Young fans, are you ready for some FOMO that might send you into a coma? Because if you aren't, you might was to save yourself from reading about some of the drool-worthy setlists Uncle Neil has crafted in years.
Let's be real, any performance by Young is magical, but his last four nights in Minneapolis, part of his 2018-2019 Solo Theater run (which people are also calling Neil Fest,) were exceptionally special. He also performed in Wisconsin on this run. Our midwestern friends really needed the warmth in their souls, so FOMO aside, I'm honestly happy Young was there to comfort our chilly friends.
Performing at distinct and different historic theaters around the city, Young made sure the atmosphere paralleled the mood. “I just go from one theater to the next,” he told Rolling Stone earlier this month. “These are palaces for art.”
Let's break the setlists down with the tour debut's first, then the rarities and deep cuts.

Tour debuts

Overture Hall, Madison, Wisconsin, January 24:
  • "Sugar Mountain"
  • "Journey Through the Past"
  • "Rockin' in the Free World"
Neil Young 1/24/19
Pantages Theatre, January 26:
  • "Ambulance Blues" (first time since 2008)
  • "Old Man"
Neil Young 1/26/19
State Theatre, January 29:
  • "Cinnamon Girl" (Crazy Horse)
  • "White Line" (Crazy Horse)
  • "Southern Man"
  • "Don't Let it Bring You Down"
  • "Stupid Girl" (Crazy Horse)
  • "F*ckin' Up" (Crazy Horse)
  • "Down By the River" (Crazy Horse)
Neil Young 1/29/19

Rarities & Deep Cuts

  • "Running Dry" by Crazy Horse was performed for the first time ever by Young at State Theatre.
  • "Broken Arrow" by Buffalo Springfield at the Orpheum Theatre on the 28th
  • "The Last Trip to Tulsa" at the Orpheum Theatre on the 28th
  • "Harvest" for the first time since 2014 at Overture Hall on the 24th
  • "Razor Love" at Overture Hall on the 24th
  • "Dreamin' Man" was performed for the first time since 1999 at Northrop Auditorium on the 31st
  • "Alabama" at Northrop Auditorium on the 31st
  • "Long May You Run" by Stills-Young Band at Northrop Auditorium on the 31st
Last night, between playing an enthralling 21-song set that carried beloved Crazy Horse songs, Young debuted another new song on his acoustic guitar since his kickoff show, "Truth Kills." The song was obviously anti-Trump / MAGA:
“I don’t want to be great again / The first time was good enough.”
Young has never been known to be quiet on issues of human rights, politics, and activism, so this new track feels familiar and inspired.
Watch him performing the hauntingly beautiful single "Pocahontas" last night followed by the setlist:
Neil Young 1/31/19
While no new albums have been rumored, Young is prepping to release the next albums in his Archives. Make sure you're part of the club on his inclusive archives website!
Young's next endeavor will be a pair of shows with Crazy Horse in his hometown of Winnipeg, Canada on Sunday and Monday (February 3 and 4.) He will play a couple of more solo gigs in mid-May on the west coast before taking over the Paramount Theater with Promise of the Real on May 20th and 21st, followed by a headlining spot at BottleRock.

If you can't make the Crazy Horse gigs, Young will have a live webcast of the shows on this Archives website, another reason you outta sign up like, NOW!

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