Senses Fail Conclude Misery Will Find You Tour with a Live Debut

Senses Fail wrapped up their 27-date joint tour with The Amity Affliction, dubbed the Misery Will Find You Tour, over the weekend on February 9th at The Regent in Los Angeles. This also happened to be the day the band collectively turned 17!
Despite having to cancel their Chicago show during the polar vortex, the rest of the tour was full of heat. Each night would get warmed up by their strong support acts, Belmont and Silent Planet, who would always open things up with brief but powerful sets.
During the tour, Senses Fail pulled songs from their latest album release, If There's a Light, It Will Find You, with their most performed song on the tour being "Gold Jacket, Green Jacket..." They also managed to fit in a number of older favorites, with Still Searching and Let It Enfold you being the top two albums they drew material from the most!
Each night, they would open with "Can't be Saved" and end on "Bite to Break Skin" which segues into their traditional and wild medley of covers by classic hard-rock bands ranging from System of a Down to Rage Against the Machine. This signature medley of theirs is always as follows - "Bite to Break Skin / Chop Suey / Bodies / Break Stuff / Bulls on Parade Medley Interlude."
ICYMI, you can learn more about the ins and outs of their Misery Will Find You Tour setlist over on their Tour Spoilers post!
On Saturday as SF closed out the tour for good, they made sure to fit in one more live debut for fans to hold onto. They performed "Stay What You Are" off the new album for the first time ever. SF is truly a band for the fans.
Check out the setlist from The Regent below:
Senses Fail
Watch this fan-caught video of SF performing "Shark Attack" at the Regent:
"Shark Attack" Live
Now that SF has concluded their tour and celebrated 17 years as a band with a splash, make sure to follow them along for their next adventure!

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