Who is Jesse Jo Stark?

To anyone who may have thought that rock n roll is dead in this generation, look no further than Jesse Jo Stark. With inspiration drawn from ghouls, monsters, and even a love story with death, Stark pairs her sweetly haunting voice with a mix of sultry guitar riffs and bluesy melodies to create her unique sound and image.
"I believe that it has always been inside of me. I took different steps in order to water that need and experiment with it," she explained in an interview with Vogue UK.
While Stark has slowly but steadily gained traction after opening for indie-rock band Sunflower Bean in the U.S. last summer ,and opening for The Vaccines in their U.K. tour, the singer is clearly your new one-to-watch. With song titles like "Rot Away," "Fire of Love," "Down Your Drain," and "Wish I Was Dead," it's clear Stark makes music for a very specific audience.
Jesse Jo Stark via Instragram
Even with a music pallet full of inspiration from legendary punk bands like the Misfits, Circle Jerks, and even her godmother Cher (yes THE incomparable Cher), Stark stands on her own as an an eclectic artist that transcends beyond today's music trends.
The 27-year-old singer maintains a delightfully horrific theme, almost making sure Halloween lasts all year-round. Her latest single, "Wish I Was Dead," heavily romanticizes a deadly love story between Stark and her Frankenstein-like lover, as seen in the music video. The lyrics combined with Stark's powerfully angelic voice and psychedelic guitar arrangement make it a bonafide hit.
"Make out on your bed, you carve my name up my your chest/ Till the end, Till I'm dead, Till the graveyard/ Never felt so alive I wish I dead"
Jesse Jo Stark's "Wish I Was Dead" Music Video
This dichotomy of explicit sex appeal and eerie undertones make it easy for audiences to gravitate to the pleasant obscurity that is Jesse Jo Stark. She makes it so easy being an effortlessly cool rock star, even working with punk legend Steve Jones (formally of the Sex Pistols), but it was destined to happen growing up with parents who founded designer clothing line, Chrome Hearts.
Just like her parents had done so before her, Stark's entrepreneurial urge sparked her to create her own independent record label, Sugar Jones Music, to release all her music sans corporate input.
"It was just the move for me, and I didn’t want to be held back because of my position," she explained to Interview.
"I have songs that I want to put out there and play, and I think it was the right move for me right now to self-release."
Listen to some of her other groovy tunes:
Jesse Jo Stark's "Fire of Love' Music Video
Jesse Jo Stark's "Deadly Doll" Music Video
Like what you hear so far? Be sure to catch Jesse Jo Stark on tour opening for Lauren Ruth Ward in April! For a full list of dates and tickets, check out the singer's website.

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