Tour Update: Cursive Discuss Debuting Songs, Songwriting and More

Cursive recently wrapped up their Get Fixed Tour in support of their latest album of the same name. Two songs off the new album ranked as the tour's most performed, including "Stranded Satellite" and "Black Hole Town."
The tour wrapped up earlier this month in Los Angeles, and following this date, frontman Tim Kasher came by Setlist.Fm to talk about his love for live debuting new songs, his unique songwriting process, and more!
Check it out:
Tour Update: Cursive Discusses Debuting Songs and Their Unique Songwriting Process
On songs not meant for a live setting:
"If you’re not worrying about how it’s gonna be perceived live, then maybe you orchestrate it more, you get wilder with it, you don’t have to worry about it, it’s kinda nice."
On live debuting new songs:
"I love to debut songs for the first time so much. I also always love to announce it as well because it’s so special to me so I hope it’s special to the crowd that we’re playing it for as well just to kind of let it be a moment. I’m probably mostly interested in how the crowd responds to it. I already know how I feel about the song so that part’s kind of over, so it can be exciting to see what the crowd thinks about how it’s perceived live."
On insight into his songwriting process:
"I’ll have the melody, so I’m one of those songwriters that I just mumble or garble word ideas over the songs for months. I’ll do that on demos as well, I’ll distort my vocals on recordings so nobody can tell what stupid stuff I’m saying. I won’t write lyrics until we know what’s gonna make the record or until we have a pretty good idea of what’s gonna make the record."
For details and dates on Cursive's other live performances in 2020, head over to their website!
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