Vision Board: Trixie Mattel Shares Her Inspirations

Legend, icon and star Trixie Mattel stopped by our studio to talk about where she draws her inspiration from. The Milwaukee, Wisconsin songstress, actress and comedian walks us through her first ever vision board experience. Watch our newest episode of Vision Board with Trixie Mattel below:
Making a Vision Board:
"I’ve never made a vision board before. I hate to say it. It’s a little LA, it’s a little hokey pokey, it’s a little bit light your candle and set your intention, you know what I mean?"

Barbie Doll Collection:
"Oh! Wait a minute. This is a good one. If you know anything about me, you know that I have an impressive collection of Barbie Dolls. Mostly from like '65 - '73. I slowed down on my collecting because I have everything. This year I want to do better. Look at that. Go bigger."
"When I’m on tour this year I’m gonna be doing like 30 American cities and like 21 European cities. So, I’m really gonna put my skin through an emotional, spiritual journey."
"Can I have a fitness goal and a non-fitness goal in the same thing. Absolutely. My favorite food is nachos. I love them. When I’m on tour I know that I can go to like Cheesecake Factory or like Dave n’ Busters and I can get like a base level corporate nachos. Minimally spicy. It’s basically cheese and chips. I love nachos."
"I Think this is a good way to wrap it up here. We have a Keith Haring Barbie. The folklore Barbie is that her name is Barbara Millicent Roberts and that she moved to California from a fictional city in Wisconsin. And so that was part of the reason I named the album. Also, the direct translation of Barbra means strange woman."

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