Dashboard Confessional Play First Livestream of 2021 w/ 19 Songs

Dashboard Confessional have returned for a livestream gig after Chris Carrabba suffered a motorcycle accident in June 2020 and broke both his shoulders.
After a long road to recovery where Carrabba had to relearn how to play guitar from scratch, the band performed a whopping 19-song setlist to celebrate Valentine's Day and his return with their devoted fans.
“I think I’m as good as I was before and I nearly have the stamina. I suddenly realized that I can get so much better. And that’s exciting," he told Forbes.
The career-spanning setlist fired off with "The Brilliant Dance." While the set carried signature DC favorites like "Screaming Infidelities" and "Vindicated," they also performed new song "Burning Heart," which was actually first live debuted back in 2018 and has been performed six times since.
They ended the set with beloved number "Hands Down." Check out the full setlist right here:
Dashboard Confessional setlist
You can rewatch the stream as many times as you like through February 17th, so get on it before it's gone forever!
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