Metallica Played a 14-Song Set on Cliff Burton's Birthday in 1985

Cliff Burton tragically died on Metallica's Master of Puppets Tour in a bus crash in 1986 at the young age of 24. Today, February 10th, would have been his birthday.
In honor of Burton's legacy as Metallica's original bassist, we're remembering him by looking back at his 23rd birthday in 1985, when Metallica was on the Ride the Lightning Tour in support of their second album of the same name.
On February 10th, exactly 36 years ago, the band arrived in Green Bay, Wisconsin to perform at Carlton West Theatre. The setlist for this exact day isn't in our archives, but we have plenty of data for the rest of the tour and the sets looked consistent night to night.
They were performing around 14 songs each night on this tour, and prior to Burton's birthday show, they had live debuted "Fade to Black," on the 8th to be exact. This song is now the band's 9th most performed track.
Each night they would open with "Fight Fire With Fire" and close out the main set with "Whiplash." They normally encored with four songs, which always carried "Creeping Death" a lengthy guitar solo, and "Motorbreath."
Check out a setlist from the tour here:
We hope Cliff is ripping on his bass somewhere up in rock n roll heaven, RIP!
In recent Metallica news, check out the band performing "Enter Sandman" on Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

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