Setlist Spoilers for Billy Strings' Déjà Vu Experiment 2021

On February 18th, bluegrass rocker Billy Strings kicked off a series of crowd-less shows from the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York dubbed The Déjà Vu Experiment. So far, Strings has put on four shows with two more to go.
While a live audience can't actually be there, the livestream does offer a virtual gathering for fans to participate in.
“After the show [the band and I] go on the bus and look and see you all dancing in your living room and your dogs and your pets and children dancing around the living room. It’s really beautiful to see. So thank you for that" Strings said during one of the gigs.
Find out all the goodies Billy Strings and his band have been doling out night after night in our Setlist Spoilers below!
How long have the setlist been?
18 songs broken up between two sets - with the exception of opening night which contained 17 songs.
Which songs has Strings live debuted?
Of the original songs, he's live debuted: "Fire On My Tongue," "Morning Light," "Love & Regret," "Hide & Seek," "Red Daisy," "Hellbender," "Secrets," and "Know It All" across all four nights.
Of the cover songs, he's live debuted: "Dark Star" by Grateful Dead, "Loser" by Jerry Garcia, and "He's Gone" by Grateful Dead across the four nights.
Which other albums has he performed from?
Stings has weaved in songs off of Turmoil & Tinfoil, Home, and the Billy Strings EP.
What other covers has he done?
Over the course of four nights, Strings has covered around 33 different artists, including songs by household names like Johnny Cash, J.J. Cale, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Merle Haggard.
Can I see all the setlists so far?
Billy Strings
Billy Strings
Billy Strings
Billy Strings
How many livestreams are there left?
Two, on February 23rd and 24th, which you can stream via FANS. Then Strings will perform a handful of socially distanced concerts in March. Get all the info for that over on his website.
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