Setlist Viewing Guide: Phil Lesh + JRAD 19-Song Set From 2014

You might be one of the lucky Dead Heads who got to catch Phil Lesh play bass with Joe Russo's Almost Dead back in December 2014 at Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York. But if not, today's YOUR lucky day because JRAD is broadcasting the iconic performance from the December 29th date via FANS!
The livestream is free and will go up at 6 PM PT. Ahead of that, check out our Setlist Viewing Guide to nerd out over which Grateful Dead songs you'll get to hear!
How long is the setlist?
19 songs, including one encore.
What song do they open with?
Good ol' "Truckin'."
What are some highlights from the set?
You won't want to miss the end of the first set when Lesh takes control of the vocals to lead the band through "Box of Rain."
Then in the second set, PhilRAD find a way to weave in "Dark Star" FOUR times throughout the setlist. Fun Fact: Grateful Dead performed an iconic 22 minute version of "Dark Star" at this very theatre back in 1971!
Do they perform any covers?
You'll hear them do a jammy rendition of "All Along the Watchtower" by Bob Dylan, and finish the second set with the traditional "I Know You Rider."
What do they perform for the cover?
Get ready to get your groove on with a grand finale of "Shakedown Street."
Can I see the full setlist?
Phil Lesh
How can I access the livestream?
Head to FANS.
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