Todd Rundgren Kicks Off Clearly Human Virtual Tour with 23 Songs

According to the rock n roll great, Todd Rundgren, virtual concert tours are the "new normal" in a pandemic dominated world. Therefore, the trailblazing artist is once again paving the way by kicking off his very own with his Clearly Human Virtual Tour - a 25-date digital jaunt that kicked off on Valentine's Day (February 14).
Rundgren has had a virtual tour on his brain since before the pandemic even hit -
"I had already been thinking about other ways to deliver my product and then the pandemic happened and that kind of made everybody else think that possibly a different way of doing this might be good to have for a backup plan." - Rundgren
The concert took place in Chicago through NoCap show and fans have the option to buy tickets for any of the gigs on the tour, but each date will be "localized" to a different city. The kickoff gig started off with Buffalo, New York and Rundgren + his band make the virtual experience feel as local as possible by incorporating props like local newspapers and even food specialities.
"The entire back of the stage will be a video wall, and we can simulate aspects of the local venue in the city we're 'playing' in that night. We can put scenes and landmarks from each town to sort of reinforce the locality. So instead of looking at some sort of generic splash-screen before the show starts it'll be more like being at a gig in your city," Rundgren explained.
His band is equipped with horns and backup singers, and the tour kicked off with a whopping 23-song setlist, marking his first show in almost a year. It kicked off with "Real Man" and featured a career-sprawling set, but it was noticeably dominated by songs off of 1989's Nearly Human, as promised. Eight out of ten of the tracks made it in.
Rundgren also weaved in three Utopia songs including "Secret Society," "Love in Action," and "Rock Love." The main set ended on "The Want of a Nail" before the band worked in a two-song encore that fired off with Rundgren's signature number "Hello It's Me."
Check out the full setlist right here:
Todd Rundgren
The virtual tour continues tomorrow in "Albany," and again Rundgren will perform Nearly Human with a selection of Todd classics. Head to his website for more info!
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