Alkaline Trio Kicks Off The “Blood, Hair, And Eyeballs" Tour

This year started on a high for Alkaline Trio fans when the Chicago-born punk triad released their first album in six years: Blood, Hair, And Eyeballs. Now the band is in the midst of the “Blood, Hair, And Eyeballs” tour, kicking things off at the House of Blues in Anaheim on February 22, 2024.

Under Matt Skiba’s high-energy leadership, the band rocked through 22 songs in total. They debuted several cuts from their new album and revived some favorites they hadn’t performed since 2015, all while donning dapper suits and ties.

They opened the set with a live debut - the first song from the new album, “Hot For Preacher.” Similar to the Van Halen classic the title of which only varies by two letters, this song comes in with burning guitar energy. Under flashing white and red lights the distortion blew through the speakers as the drummer Atom Willard (recently welcomed back to the band after over two decades) instantly flexed his prowess for massive fills.

The first treat for the fans came with the third song, “Dine, Dine My Darling.” It was the band’s first time playing it since 2015 and with every shout of the word, “Dine,” the crowd raised their arms in celebration. The jubilee quickly continued when the band went straight into their hit, “Stupid Kid,” and everyone joined in on the lyrics.

Next up was, “Bad Time,” another cut from the new album (live debuted on Kimmel last month), the second of six songs from Blood, Hair, And Eyeballs. Though they were new (the album dropped 1/26), the fans were receptive - proof that Skiba knows his audience beyond reproach. Whether it was the heavy riffs on “Versions Of You,” something fast-paced and emotional like the album’s title track, or when they closed the initial set with “Teenage Heart,” everyone was singing the choruses in full force.

Fans were down with the new stuff, but they still went absolutely wild for the classics. Their major hit, “Mercy Me” came midway through the set, and along with it, a flock of phones rose above the headline to capture the memory of the mid-'00s anthem.

The encore began with another anthem from Alkaline’s History, “Time To Waste.” Commencing with a recording of a solemn piano line, the crowd erupted in unison clapping that guided the band into a brief and loud jam, demonstrating their impeccable chemistry on stage before pouring their hearts into the music.

Then to close it was time for “Radio,” and even though the highest moment came when the band ceased to let the crowd scream, “I've got a big fat fuckin' bone to pick with you,” they certainly didn’t have a bone to pick with Alkaline Trio that night.

Tickets are now available for the North American and European leg of Alkaline Trio's “Blood, Hair, And Eyeballs” tour. Check out the full dates below, and see the setlist from the tour opener here.

Alkaline Trio setlist

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