Marquee Memories: Amber Liu

Amber Liu may have gotten her start as the rapper from Korean girl group f(x), but since then she’s broken out on her own. She kicked off her 2024 with the No More Sad Songs tour, her first since 2020’s Tour X. The response was so massive that additional tickets had to be added to dates in Tokyo, Kuala Lampur, Hong Kong and Singapore. Before launching the tour, Amber joined us in the studio to talk about her favorite tour memories, including her first ever rave, some a cappella goosebumps and a missed show she deeply regrets.
Marquee Memories: Amber Liu

Black Tiger Sex Machine

“Nocturnal Wonderland was my first rave ever. This was, I wanna say, 2018, 19. I was invited by my good friends at Black Tiger Sex Machine. They were like, ‘We're playing a set.’ I'd only heard about raves. I'd never been to one. Right off the bat, man, the energy, it's insane. You know, they pimped me out with those little light sticks and I made it into a bunch of necklaces. I was like a walking stoplight pretty much. Black Tiger Sex Machine has these like helmets, these really decked out helmets, they have all these lights, and then, when the beat drops, everybody’s just like:!!! and of course, I was like: !!! and then, you kind of just make friends. You're like, ‘Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!’ (laughs) It's really fun.”


“In 2019, I had the pleasure of attending a Pentatonix concert, and my good friend Scott Hoying is part of Pentatonix. I didn't even tell him. I went online, I bought tickets, and probably the day before I was like, ‘See you tomorrow!’ And he was like, ‘What, you're coming? Why didn't you tell me?’ I was like, ‘Hey, I want to go support the homie.’ Everybody knows the Pentatonix. Who doesn't know the whole Daft Punk medley? That medley is ingenious. And when I got to the concert, I did not expect that the concert would be so intimate. When they start singing, everybody's just like just really listening to them. It gave me goosebumps. Like I had goosebumps throughout, but the goosebumps just got bigger. I was like, ‘Wow, that’s something I've never experienced before.’”


“I love Blink-182. My sister and I fought a lot about music 'cause our rooms were right next to each other and she'd be blasting her music and I'd be blasting my music and we would fight all the time. But the one band that we agreed upon was Blink-182. I remember for one Halloween I dressed up as Tom DeLonge. I loved how they just had such a let's-not-give-a-fuck-together attitude.
"2023. This is a core sad memory. When Blink-182 announced their tour last year, I was like, I bought tickets that day. I did not go. I could not go because I had to perform my show. They do have another show coming up this year. I really hope I can go to one of their shows 'cause it's one of my childhood dreams to go see my heroes perform. Just seeing their evolution, I'm always like, ‘I want to be an artist that always evolves and changes and challenges themselves.’ So, thank you, Blink-182. Thank you, Tom, Mark, and Travis.”

Amber’s No More Sad Songs tour is ongoing with dates in China, Australia and Singapore still to come. You can follow Amber on her X account or her Instagram for more info!

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