Niall Horan Begins "The Show Live On Tour" In Belfast

This week, Niall Horan launched his first headlining tour in six years at the SSE Arena in Belfast. He blessed a sold-out crowd with a mix of favorites from his early solo works and new hits from his latest album, 2023’s The Show. Building off his lifelong skill for songwriting, the 20-song setlist explored his complete range of talent, which he displayed in full on this epic debut show.

Horan kicked things off with his classic opener, “Nice To Meet Ya.” The crowd was amped as his band rocked their hearts out before moving into “On A Night Like Tonight.” Everyone in the building was already singing along, but he casually asked, “Ready?” and elevated the audience into his backing vocalists as he demonstrated his lovely falsetto.

As he took things slower, Horan seamlessly combined the heavy groove of “Small Talk” with the Stevie Nicks classic, “Edge of Seventeen.” Following the rush that only Stevie could provide, Horan sat down at the piano for “The Show,” giving the crowd a chance to breathe in and belt some notes along with him.

The real moment of rest came when Horan picked up the acoustic guitar, starting the mellow section, “Flicker,” and continuing with “This Town” and “You Could Start a Cult.” As he held the acoustic standing on a dark stage, he reflected on the gratitude he felt to be playing in this arena for the last 15 years:

“We all come from small little towns. We all have bonkers dreams, and you guys have been able to make my dreams a reality. So, thank you so much.”

After the crowd had gotten their proper break, Horan picked up the energy with the only song from his former band, One Direction, the entire night: the platinum single, “Night Changes.” It was his first time playing it solo, and he played it on the second night in Belfast as well. There’s a good chance it will be a staple of the tour.

The last song before the encore was the dreamy ballad “Still,” but Horan knew what he was doing when he closed things on that slower note. He exploded back on stage with “Save My Life,” and his standard closer, “Slow Hands.”

After the band jammed into the finish, Horan acknowledged all of them kindly as “sexy fuckers,” following the curtain to the floor to give his fans every second of himself he possibly could.

Horan has more than 20 dates left on the tour. Nearly all of them are sold out, but as of February 22, there are still some left for Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm. Better act fast if you want to join in on the fun! Check out the full setlist here.

Niall Horan setlist

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