No Values Festival: A Full Day of Classic Punk & Ska

Harkening back to Goldenvoice's early days of booking punk bands, long before the LA promoter was the brains behind Coachella, hardcore legends Misfits, Social Distortion, and Iggy Pop will rock on the same day as Turnstile, Sublime, Fishbone and many others.

After the success of retro fests like '80s alternative Cruel World, modern dance Just Like Heaven, and last year's three-day metal-chella Power Trip, someone seems to have gotten the bright idea to get as many punk-ish and ska bands of note to Pomona to give the kids (and their parents) something to talk about.

Punk rock is about keeping it real, so since someone's going to look at that flyer and mention age, here's some of the ages of a few of the people who will be performing June 8 at the Pomona Fairplex.

Music fans were lucky to have these innovators when they first came out and we are just as fortunate to have them around today playing some of of the best music of our time.

Iggy Pop – By Iggy Pop's website

Iggy Pop, 76
Lee Ving, Fear, 73
Greg Ginn, Black Flag, 69
Captain Sensible, The Damned, 69
Rat Scabies, The Damned, 68
Glenn Danzig, Misfits, 68
Dave Vanian, The Damned, 67
Jello Biafra, DJ set, 65
David Low, The Jesus Lizard, 63
Mike Ness, Social Distortion, 61
Brett Gurewitz, Bad Religion, 61
Joe Escalante, Vandals, 61
Joe Genaro, Dead Milkmen, 61
Michael Muir, Suicidal Tendencies, 60
Tony Reflex, Adolescents, 60

But the question is? Do they still got it? They do.

Iggy at the Electric Castle, 7/21/23

"At a time when other artists of his generation are either dead or early in bed, Iggy Pop is not afraid to fill his 19th album with animalistic tendencies. He is eternal and this album is the perfect way to break free from a world where civilization reaches absurd levels." - Marius -ECMag

Misfits at the Talking Stick Amphitheater, 7/15/23

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"Best I've heard Glenn sound in a long time, they all killed it. Doyle doesn't age the dude's still in phenomenal shape." 440Nichole

Dead Milkmen, Michigan Labor Day Festival, 9/3/23

"The Philadelphia quartet was at the top of their game regardless of who was handling lead vocals. When Talcum sang, Anonymous would stalk the stage or direct the audience in sing-alongs." - Tom Trauma, That's Good Enough For Me

Bad Religion, Lima, Peru, 12/8/23

If the crowd is singing even when you're not, and when the pit breaks out without having to entice it, you know you still got it.

Bad Religion wrapped up their South America 2023 tour in December in Peru where they knocked out 26 songs, including the one above, "Generator," right before ending with "American Jesus."

Social Distortion, Auckland, NZ, 2/15/23

Speaking of Social D and Bad Religion, they're going on tour together this spring before they make their way to Pomona.

The two veteran Southern California acts kick off their tour in Las Vegas in early April, play around California, then head to Texas where they play five nights before going to Florida, and up the coast finishing up in Chicago in the middle of May.

Tickets available for the Bad Religion + Social D. co-headlining tour is available on their websites.

Tickets for the No Values show are available on

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