Taylor Swift Kicks off Japanese Run with Live Debut

Taylor Swift kicked off the International leg of her 2024 Eras Tour last night in Tokyo with a live debut, rarities and a supersized setlist of hits.

Just days ago, Midnights was crowned Album of the Year at the Grammys and with little rest she had to jet across the globe for these dates. Swift didn't let the travel stop her from delivering full show. Indeed, the Japanese were treated to a 45-song epic starring the very last song of that award-winner.

The Japanese fans, who are just as loyal to Taylor as others around the globe were hyped.

Hitome had been counting down every day on their Twitter account.

55,000 devoted fans packed the Tokyo Dome and were rewarded for braving the snow when Swift announced, “I've never played this live before” and then began "Dear Reader."

The rarely-mentioned tune is the last bonus track from the 3am Edition of Midnights that doles out life hacks but then warns “never take advice from someone who’s falling apart.”

Even though the music of the song is primarily keyboard-based on the album, Taylor played it on an acoustic guitar last night while belting it out.

Taylor Swift's 45-song set at the Tokyo Dome.

The other song in the mini-set she surprised fans with was "Holy Ground" from Red -- a tune very few Swifties have heard live.Taylor has only played it now a half dozen times since 2015.

Oddly, even though it's more of an upbeat guitar-and-drum diddy on the 2012 original, Tay played it on piano last night which gave it a more serious vibe.

By now it's common for obsessed fans to feign overly-dramatically reactions when Swift performs a deep cut or rarely-played track during her "Secret Songs" segment near the end of the show.

Tonight was no different.

What was also not different was her connection with her audience. This is the first of four shows Taylor's playing in Japan. Right after the fourth gig she will be jetting out of Japan to watch her boyfriend play a football game in Las Vegas.

But when she talked with the adoring Japanese crowd, she told them how happy she was to be there with them and how grateful she was they had come out for her.

She talked about her recent announcement of a forthcoming record, The Tortured Poets Department which drops April 19. She explained she's so prolific because she loves doing it.

Her fans love trying to decode any and all things Taylor. So when she announced the new album title, Google searches for ‘Dead Poets Society’ shot up by 588%, not because it has anything in common, but just because it sort of sounds what will be her 11th album.

Well there is one thing in common: the film which starred Robin Williams premiered in 1989, the year of Taylor's birth. That's pretty kawaii.

The lineup in Tokyo for Eras merch

What's also cool is Japanese Swifties were just as dedicated to the culture of the tour, from exchanging friendship bracelets to waiting out in poor conditions for merch. In their case it was snow.

Who else braved the snow? Rosé of BlackPink!

Her group has sold out the Tokyo Dome three times over their career, the most recent being last April.

This show began a stretch that will see Taylor hit stages in Australia and then Europe and the US throughout the rest of the year.

Sabrina Carpenter will be opening for a huge chunk of the dates and then Paramore will take over the duties in mid May.

Although the odds are slim that there are any remaining tickets left for any of these gigs in your area, it never hurts to see on Taylor's website if some have been released. This could be your lucky day.

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