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If you don't know Brighton rockers YONAKA yet, it might be a good time to familiarize yourself with the fierce trio. At the very top of this year, the band released ass-kicking anthem "Predator" and if that's your vibe, check out their 2023 EP Welcome To My House. Ah, but one of our favorite ways to dig into the psyche of our beloved bands is by getting into their phones. Theresa Jarvis, George Edwards and Alex Crosby did just that when they stopped by the Setlist.fm studio. Find out what album supports Theresa emotionally, what app makes George feel like James Bond and where Alex learns all about production. Watch:

The basics

Theresa Jarvis: My relationship with my phone is a sticky relationship. I mean, I'm on it all the time. I feel like we're always just glued to our phone. I try to limit myself on it. I have this rule that I don't go on my phone for the first hour in the morning and the last hour at night.
Alex Crosby: I'm on it way too much. But it's also, it's great for if I have any ideas or a quick strike of inspiration.
George Edwards: My relationship with my phone, exchanging TikToks with my girlfriend.

Listening to...

Theresa: I love Spotify. What do I have on here? "Dark Side Of The Moon," I was just lying in bed listening to that, with my eyes closed the other night. "UTOPIA" by Travis Scott. Amazing album. "Trench" by Twenty One Pilots, that is my go-to album when I don't feel too good and I'm on my own, it supports me.
George: At the moment, I've been listening to a lot of trivia pub quizzes on the go. I really enjoy that.
Alex: I have this punk bass playlist that I warm up before I play 'cause I've got this little headphone amp and before we go on stage for half an hour, I just try and play something fast to get my fingers moving and get into it.

Voice Notes

Alex: Voice Notes I use a lot. So if ever I get a little idea, you wake up in the night or something, you get a little idea and I'll hum a little melody. I've just got hundreds of little voice notes.
Theresa: 1,531 voice notes. You know, 9 out of 10 ideas will be bad, but then that one will be amazing. I like this one actually.

George: The most unique app on my phone is out of sheer laziness, and it's called “remoteMouse”, and I thought this was the most intelligent thing. So say you're really hungover in bed or you know, you're just feeling a bit lazy that day, you can use your phone as a mouse pad to control on your laptop via Bluetooth. Little flex. Just like, "Oh, best get up to go change that." I'll just, "No, no, no. Stay there. Stay there." and just on your phone, like, use it as mouse. But I think, reminds me of being James Bond for a little bit.
Alex: An app I probably spend the most time on is probably YouTube. I've pretty much learned everything I've learned about production through, it's all been online.
Theresa: YouTube. So actually we have this song that seems to be getting some attention, and it's an older song of ours, and it's called "Lose Our Heads," and it's a beautiful song. Yeah, this song's getting some...

YONAKA will be out on tour starting February 12 in Orlando - get a full list of dates and details here.

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