Review: Wolf Alice @ The Mayan in Downtown Los Angeles

Monday night at the Mayan Theater in Downtown LA, North Londoners Wolf Alice played to a sold out crowd—the most people they’ve ever played to here in the City of Angels, according to bassist Theo Ellis.
I went to their show at The Echo last July, and, despite being only what I’d consider a casual fan at the time, I jumped in the pit and thrashed and sang and felt a communion with the people I was sharing sweat with. I’ll be honest, that happened a lot in my early years of the pop punk scene, but that behavior halted mid-2000’s when I was to be seen as a PROFESSIONAL. Yes, sometimes I was photographing the show. Sometimes I was interviewing, but in this case I was just observing so I (DARE I SAY) pivoted and decided on an immersive experience. And so it was. And it was incredible. Read that here.
This time was different. Bigger venue, sold out once again, but it being at The Mayan—a scenic spot in its own right—with stepped up production made it immersive whether you were in the pit or at the bar or in the balcony.
Wolf Alice at The Mayan 3/19
And the new music! Wolf Alice put out their sophomore album, Visions of a Life, in September of last year and included a majority of that album in the setlist. Only "Sky Musings" and "After The Zero Hour" have yet to get their live debut.
The band opened their set with sprawling intro track, “Heavenward” before launching into two of their most mosh-worthy songs, “You’re a Germ” and “Yuk Foo.” After that outpouring of raw energy, the foursome turned down for the poignant “Your Love’s Whore” (And when we grow older / We'll still be friends / We'll still be lovers / And won't fear the end) and “St. Purple and Green,” a dreamy track off Visions that singer Ellie Rowsell wrote about her nana jean.
For “Don’t Delete The Kisses,” the space was transformed into a junior high dance, dousing the crowd in blue light and spinning disco ball reflections. About 30 seconds in, a fan handed Ellie a bouquet of red roses and she cradled it while she talk-sang the self-conscious tune. 
I wanna tell the whole world about you
I think that that's a sign
I'm losing self control and it's you
It really is, one thousand times
I look at your picture and I smile
How awful's that? I'm like a teenage girl
I might as well write all over my notebook
That you 'rock my world!’

See it here:
Wolf Alice "Don't Delete The Kisses" @ The Mayan – By A.J. Johnson
One of my favorite additions to the set was the rollicking, up-tempo track “Space & Time,” a catchy track that’s quick to pick up, even if you’ve never heard it before. By the end, the bulk of the audience was shouting "I just need tiiiiiiime / Give me tiiiiime / Space! And! Tiiiiiime.”
The rounded out the set with Grammy nominated, "Moaning Lisa Smile,” grand jam and title track, “Visions of a Life” and “Fluffy” before taking a short break for the encore. 
The two-song encore led with the title track from the band’s 2013 Ep, Blush. Finally, the slow-build-to-shrieking-opus “Giant Peach,” which sent Rowsell into the thick of the most ravenous, front-row fans for some communal raging.
Check out fan footage:
Wolf Alice "Giant Peach" live @ The Mayan – By MYGENERASIAN
Wolf Alice’s US tour dates run through May and include some supporting spots for Queens of the Stone Age. They'll head back overseas after their June 1st appearance at The Governors Ball festival in New York. Check out dates and details on their official site.
Check out the full setlist from The Mayan show below
Wolf Alice setlist

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