Setlist History: Led Zeppelin's Legendary 1971 "Thank You" Tour

Legendary classic rock heroes Led Zeppelin kicked off their famous “Thank You” tour this day in 1971 at Ulster Hall in Belfast, Ireland. This show was the beginning of the UK and Ireland Spring tour where they performed one of the most influential rock songs in the world for the first time ever, “Stairway to Heaven.”
The string of dates in the UK was also known as the “Back to the Clubs” tour, where they played several new tracks from their next album “IV” that turned them into the legends they are today. Aside from “Stairway,” these tracks included “BlackDog,” “Going to California” and “Rock and Roll.”
Led Zeppelin 3-5-1971 setlist
This was a special tour compared to the shows they were playing at the time because it was a way for the band to say “thank you” to the UK clubs, fans, and promoters that lifted them up and rose them to fame. They played smaller clubs to show their appreciation to those who has been loyal to them from the very beginning.
Before the tour, Jimmy Page told Record Mag "The audiences were becoming bigger and bigger but moving further and further away. They became specks on the horizon and we were losing contact with people - those people who were responsible for lifting us off the ground in the early days. We are playing those clubs like the London Marquee for exactly the same amount as we did in the old days, as a 'thank you' to those promoters and the audiences alike. By doing this we will be able to tour the entire of Britain and not just those cities who are fortunate enough to contain large venues. We will establish contact with tour audience and re-energise on their reaction while they have a chance to see a group which the accepted tradition would be appearing only at high prices in large auditoriums."
Aside from playing career-changing songs, Led Zeppelin also found their staple look on this tour as they experimented with growing their hair and beards, and testing out different psychedelic outfits.
Listen to Led Zeppelin performing "Stairway to Heaven" for the very first time at this show below:
Led Zeppelin Play "Stairway to Heaven" in Belfast March 5, 1971

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