Who is Nasty Cherry?

The elusive girl group seemed to be born via Instagram over night since 2019 arrived. In reality, the four-piece band is a modern day, darker version of The Bangles or Bananarama. They all come from different backgrounds, but it's their combined musical talents and creative flair that convinced Charli XCX to sign the ladies on her label Vroom Vroom Recordings.

Their debut song came on Monday, March 11th, it's titled "WIN" and it further alludes to the fact that the girls are turning "bitch" into an actual genre, and we love it.

Listen to "WIN" below!


Singer Gabbriette Betchel's matter-of-fact vocals establish her simultaneous over-it and assertive lyrics in a world where slow burning pop-rock anthems dominate. The track was co-written with Charli and Justin Raisen (Sky Ferreira, Angel Olsen) - that's how you know they're not beating around the bush.

In Charli's own words, she told The FADER the origin of Nasty Cherry:

"I’ve always wanted to work with a girl band - but not in a pop group type of way - and I love collaborating with women, so I just started talking to some of my friends about it. I’d be like 'Have you ever thought of being in a band? I think you’d be good at it.' And then we just kept talking about it and it made more and more sense. All the girls (Gabbriette, Debbie, Georgia and Chloe) and I were feeling it. They got on and had interesting ideas and it just sort of happened. I feel like together they’re extremely unique. They are funny and bold and have something interesting to say. It feels weird and special."

The girls are will be headlining their first show ever this Friday, March 15th at the Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles. Watch them prep for the big night in a BTS video below!


To keep up with everything NASTY CHERRY, you'll wanna hit that follow on their Instagram. You can add "WIN" to your playlist on all streaming platforms. Nasty Cherry even being a thing is truly a win for all of us.

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