Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood Perform Hour-Long Live Stream

Social distancing came with some major downsides, forcing all live shows to a halt being one of them, but one major upside is that it has sparked a trend amongst musicians to take the stage, at home. When it comes to a home live stream it's not surprising to see your favorite indie bands and smaller acts taking to the camera but when it's a massive superstar act, it becomes a major event.
Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood held an acoustic live stream concert on March 23 via his Inside Studio G series. When you're as big as Garth and Trisha, you need to have extra live streaming bandwidth cause 3.4 million people tuned in to see the event, reportedly crashing the platform.
The hour-long set saw the pair chatting it up in between songs. Garth and Trisha took special requests for this live streamed event, one particular request was so good that they had to share it! Apparently the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper A Star Is Born song "Shallow" was requested several times by fans, and without missing a beat Garth and Trisha jumped into it like the pros that they are. Watch the clip below for a taste of the live stream.
That wasn't the only cover the two performed, they also performed George Jones and Tammy Wynette's "Golden Rings" and Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" during their set.
In the past, the couple, who were married in 2005, have performed numerous times together. From 2015-2017 they did a world tour together, taking turns on the stage.
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