Jimmy Buffett Shares Cabin Fever Virtual Tour w/ 34-Song 2015 Set

Jimmy Buffett launched a virtual tour for fans to watch his old concerts from home. This is part of his Cabin Fever Virtual Tour, which began last night (March 25). The tour will be every Wednesday and Saturday at 8 p.m. EST.
Last night Buffett re-broadcasted his April 1, 2015, show that he performed in Key West, Florida at San Carlos Theater. This performance was a part of his “This One’s Really for You” tour.
This show was a special one for Buffett and his fans because the setlist was primarily selected by fans through online voting.
The massive 34-song setlist opened with an acoustic solo by Buffet of “Migration” and then went into his songs “Woman Goin’ Crazy on Caroline Street and “Cuban Crime of Passion.”
After these three hits, Buffett went into playing his fan-requested songs. This part of the set included some memorable highlights such as Buffett performing “Margaritaville” with “the lost verse.”
Buffett also sang a variety of covers including John Kear’s “Bama Breeze,” Alan Jackson’s “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere,” which he performed with Mac McAnally. Buffett and McAnally also performed McAnally’s song “Blame It On New Orleans.”
"It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere"
Another highlight was not actually a planned part of the show. When reading the fan requests Buffett accidentally misread two songs. This caused him to switch the spots of “Growing Older but Not Up” and “He Went to Paris” on the setlist.
To close the show, Buffett sang a three-song encore of “Everybody’s Got a Cousin in Miami,” “Gypsies in the Palace” and a solo acoustic version of “Nautical Wheelers.”
Jimmy Buffet (April 1, 2015)
Make sure to tune in to Jimmy Buffett’s virtual tour to catch more of his iconic re-broadcasted live shows.
Here’s the full Cabin Fever Virtual Tour schedule:
March 25: Live from Key West, Florida (2015)
March 28: Live from The Gorge in George, Washington (1996)
April 1: Live from The Coyote Drive-In at Fort Worth, Texas (2014)
April 4: Live from Honolulu, Hawaii (2004)
April 8: Live from Paris France (2017)
April 11: The Millennium Show Live from Los Angeles, California (1999)
April 15: Live from Australia (2011)
April 18: Live from Mansfield, Massachusetts (1994)
April 22: Live from Bora Bora (2010)
April 25: Live from Hartford, Connecticut (1995)
April 29: Live from Wellington, New Zealand (2017)
May 2: Far Side of the World Show (various years and cities)
May 6: Live from Dublin, Ireland (2019)
May 9: Live from Key West, Florida (2015)
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