Quarantini Hour: See How Singer Josie Dunne is Staying Connected

Emerging singer-songwriter Josie Dunne was gearing up to take her soulful pop music on the road before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, pressing pause on the touring world, among other things.
"Back To It"
While we all try to stay safe and keep healthy during quarantine, we invited Dunne to join us for a special Quarantini Hour, where we catch up with artists in their homes and find out how their keeping busy with music, hobbies, staying connected with fans, and more!
In her answers below, we hope you'll fine some inspiration and motivation within Dunne's life during quarantine:
How have you / your band been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic?
Unfortunately, I’ve had to postpone my upcoming headlining tour, which is a super bummer. I love being on tour so it’ll be hard to take a break from shows.
The good news is I can use this time to prepare even more and make the show even better so by the time it’s safe, we’ll be ultra prepped for a kickass dance party.
Paint us a picture of your current headquarters
The timing of the quarantine was definitely not ideal at my apartment- Haha. I was in the middle of doing renovations to my place when COVID-19 started spreading in the US. By the time we decided the contractor should put everything on pause until further notice, the kitchen was totally ripped up, we’d sold most of our furniture, and everything was packed away in storage. It wasn’t exactly a comfy place to be cooped up. But I spent the first couple days of quarantine unboxing everything and setting it up to be as cozy as possible. Since we sold the couch, I made a fort out of pillows and blankets in front of the tv. With a lot of my lamps and floor decorations away, I laid string lights down all around my room. After this week or so, it’s totally turning into a vibey little home.
What activities have you been doing to keep yourself busy?
Of course, I’ve been spending tons of time practicing guitar and trumpet, writing new songs, and learning fun covers. But I also just downloaded Animal Crossing on my Nintendo Switch and I have a feeling that’s going to start taking up a big chunk of my days! Ha!
What movies and TV have you been watching?
I’m ALL about documentaries. I just binge watched "Tiger King" on Netflix. It’s craaaazy. I also just finished "McMillions" on HBO which was also mind blowing.
What music or podcasts have you been listening to?
I’ve been trying to take an hour or two every morning to try to discover as much new music as I can. So I’ve been listening to everything from The Mamas & Papas to Doja Cat to Chiiild to Hayley Williams. I’m really all over the map.
Are you planning on tuning into or producing any livestream performances?
Most definitely. What’s been fun to watch is how artists are really taking this time to get closer and more personal with their fans. That’s exactly what I plan to do, too. I’m going to regularly be doing livestream concerts, Q&As, anything and everything to make sure right now fans feel super connected within the little community that they’ve made around my music.
How can fans support you in this time of tour postponements and social distancing?
You can show support by getting tickets to the rescheduled shows near you and telling your friends to come with you. Me and most of my musician friends rely entirely on touring to be able to make any money. With that coming to a halt, I know a lot of people are really struggling. Making sure to support smaller artists by buying tickets and merch when shows start touring again will be super helpful to the up-and-coming music community!
What’s your best song for getting through a scary/confusing time?
For right now I think “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” by Randy Newman is the best. Let’s remember that we’re all in this scary and confusing time together! The more we reach out and check on each other, the easier all of this will be! I’ll be there for anyone who needs someone to message/ FaceTime with and I know I’ve got friends I can call if I need someone.
"You've Got a Friend in Me"
What are a few of your best songs for an at-home workout playlist?
Today I was working out to Dua Lipa because its hard not to feel motivated when she’s singing “LETS GET PHYSICAL." Other good songs on the playlist were "Mine" by Leven Cali, “Love Me Again” by Raye, and “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry because that song never gets old.
Where can fans get the latest info and updates from you?
I’ll be on Instagram @josiedunne, Twitter @josiedunnemusic, TikTok @josiedunnemusic, and Facebook @JosieDunne all day everyday just like the rest of the world. So keep up with my daily quarantine boredom on any of those! Haha
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