Setlist Playlist of the Day: Grateful Dead at Cow Palace in 1974

It's an important day in concert history for Deadheads because on March 23, 1974, Grateful Dead introduced two songs that would become beloved staples for the rest of their careers.
The scene is a hometown show. The Dead took to one of their staple venues - the Bay Area's Cow Palace in Daly City - for an iconic 30-song set that would go down in Dead history.
Fans in attendance still talk about the performance to this day, with one reviewer on stating "Jerry's guitar bloomed like fireworks" and another exclaiming "this is by far my favorite show. Fantasy setlist to the nines."
This night, exactly 46-years ago, marked the live debuts of both "Scarlet Begonias," a single off of 1974 album From the Mars Hotel, and the Bob Weir single "Cassidy," off of his 1972 album Ace.
The "Scarlet Begonias" debut came 7 songs in during the first set. Listen to them performing the song below.

Since this live debut, "SB" has been performed around 2202 times (as of this date) by 117 different artists. It was performed over 300 times by Grateful Dead, and 40 times by Dead & Company. Phil Lesh & Friends have performed it around 153 times.
The live debut of "Cassidy" also came during Set One at song number 12. It was described as short and sweet. The song has since evolved in a lucid jam number that can go on for minutes. It's been performed around 1379 times by 44 different artists. GD played it about 340 times, while Bob Weir has performed it solo over 45 times. Dead & Company have performed it 31 times, so far. Listen to the live debut below:

FIVE Bob Weir solo licks were performed this night. The other four included "Mexicali Blues," "Black-Throated Wind," Set 2 opener "Playing in the the Band," -which sandwiched "Uncle John's Band" > "Morning Dew" > Back to "Uncle John's Band" - and encore / closing song "One More Saturday Night."
Other highlights in the set included the Robert Hunter cover "It Must Have Been the Roses," and an epic Set Two closer of "Sugar Magnolia" into "Casey Jones."
Check out the entire setlist right here:
Grateful Dead
As our Setlist Playlist of the Day, we've added the entire Dick's Picks concert recording into our Spotify Playlist! Make it your COVID-19 quarantine soundtrack of the day as you close your eyes and step back in time.
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