Who is UMI? The Lo-fi R&B Songstress Everyone's Talking About

As a Lo-fi R&B songstress capturing the human experience, UMI is a name you will soon start hearing all over, if you haven’t already that is.
But who exactly is she?
Born in Seattle, UMI is an LA-based singer and songwriter. UMI mixes alternative, soul, R&B, and lo-fi into her music, making it flow and have an effortless sound. She is now changing the music scene and is about to become a huge influence for female R&B artists around the world.
UMI’s first single “Happy Again” was released in 2017 and since then she has released a variety of singles and EPs. Some of UMI’s most popular songs are off of her EP Love Language such as “Sukidakara,” “Breathe” and “Runnin’.”
"Remember Me"
UMI is also currently enrolled in college at the University of Southern California where she writes, sings, and of course, studies hard. She is able to balance school, friends, and her love for music, which shows how much of a powerhouse she is about to become.
The young artist is also very independent, even self-directing one of her own music videos. In an interview with Bright Lite Magazine UMI talked about her independence and creativity.
“I do all the creative direction for my music videos with an amazing team of young creatives called Ouros! But I did direct all of my earlier stuff (like Happy Again). I love it because I get to be hands-on with my art and really curate the aesthetic I envision for myself. But I’ve also learned that working with other people tends to lead to more creative projects and ideas so I like doing both.”
Not only does UMI sing and write songs, but she also plays a variety of instruments too including piano, guitar, and ukulele. Her abilities and musical skill allow for her music to take the shape it has and truly move those who listen to it.
"Friend Zone"
What is next for the singer?
Her most recent single was released on March 1 and is titled “Behind the Wall.”
UMI was also set to perform a few shows in the coming months, however, they will most likely be postponed due to the current Coronavirus pandemic. Make sure to keep posted on UMI’s socials to find out more details about that.
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