The Reason I Rhyme: Coi Leray

In this episode of The Reason I Rhyme, we meet rising rap star Coi Leray. Listen as she shares how she got started, a few career-changing moments, the super heroes she relates to and more. Take a look:
The Reason I Rhyme: Coi Leray


I'm Coi Leray and I am a artist. I was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts. My mom and my dad was born in Boston and all my brothers, all my family is out there. However, we ended up moving to Jersey and Jersey's cool since I grew up in a small town and kind of found my way through my little high school, middle school years. I always was creative. Growing up, from like 16 and up I was living on my own and I was in sales, and you know figuring myself out and learned a lot. I used to like really, really do fire shit in sales. And a lot of the stuff that I learned in sales I apply it today for real.

First single:

Honestly, within that time that was when A Boogie had dropped like "Artist 2.0" and dropped a lot of music talking about females. I'm like yo I wanna be the female that's going to talk about these guys. You know? So I end up writing my first song "Goofy Ass Niggas"- "G.A.N." From there, it was lit. I got to open for Gucci and then I opened for Jay Critch and them. That was in the beginning of my career for sho.

Signing with Republic:

I was going crazy with the music. I ended up meeting with almost every label out there. And then Republic was the last. Hottest label in the game. And when I met with them, Monte and Avery, the chairmen. They're brothers. They've been in their business since they started the company. So I'm like nah there's some loyalty here, some real love for the culture. So I'm like I'm going with them. We signed our deal. I signed it at Monte's house with his wife and his kids. And they love me. And it was just from there, you know it changed my life.

Writing to relate:

I write through experience. So everything that I go through I try to put it in my songs and my music. Sometimes I'll just vent real quick and lay melodies down just so I can get a concept and just vibe for real, for real. My music stands out from the rest because I speak about a lot of stuff that everybody could relate to. Whether it's a male or female. You got to try to get everybody's attention. I want females to be able to relate to the things that we go through and hopefully the stuff that I talk about can help them fix their problems and stuff.

And relating to super heroes:

So like "The Powerpuff Girls" is on Cartoon Network. It lives forever back in rotation. So I would always watch it. What I realized number one, sugar, spice, and everything nice. It's kind of like all different kinds of things that bring these three powerful super heroes to life. So with all three of those girls together, it's like me in one. And I always felt that because I could relate to all three of them. When I had signed my deal, I had these little box braids into my natural hair. That's what kind of like got me noticed. So I made sure I put it on Buttercup.

Her support system:

You know I've been having a lot of support. Now that I finally have a piece of magic, like a record A hit record. It feels good. People can actually understand me for being an artist. It just makes people love me more. You know what I'm saying? Like you got a lot of people that supported me. Rosalía, Billie Eilish, SZA, Rubi Rose. Everybody was just singing my song. I got JAYDA WAYDA. We got Ari. I got the whole woman's world. It feels good. Everybody is telling me like they're so happy to me. Like they feel so good. Like they feel like they've been a part of my journey the whole way. And it motivates me cause I just, I can't wait to do more. You know it just like feels good. It really does. God is good. I'm blessed.

Her legacy:

I want my legacy to be... I want to be here forever. I don't want to be the artist to be here today, gone tomorrow. I really want my name to stand out. As a woman, as a young black woman, as a young black superstar artist. I feel like there's so much things in so much young women and other people that I could motivate. Whether if it's in my music and outside of my music. And I just want that to be that.

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