Happy Birthday Roger Daltrey — Revisit a Rare Birthday Set

Do us a favor — open up your preferred streaming service and search for The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” Better yet, scavenge through your bin of vinyls and pop Who’s Next onto your turntable. Center that needle onto track nine and close your eyes.

Enjoy every second of the masterpiece that is “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” but pay particular attention to the 7 minute and 43 second mark. That unprecedented wale you’re hearing is otherwise known as the Roger Daltrey signature.

Now, cue up the same track on The Who’s 2015 Live In Hyde Park LP. No, that’s not a recorded track howling out the same precious scream. That’s called Father Time refusing to catch up with the guv’nor himself.

Today, we celebrate The Who frontman Roger Daltrey on his 78th trip around the sun, and man what a series of trips it has been for the legendary singer. From leading one of the most influential rock bands of all time to embracing a successful solo career, Daltrey’s renowned legacy will live on for generations. Although, at this rate, we’re quite convinced that the man himself will still be performing come even a decade from now.

Despite recent chatter of a not-so-distant retirement for his The Who bandmate, Pete Townshend, Daltrey has shown no signs of slowing down. Gearing up for an upcoming The Who tour as well as a solo trek around the UK, the vocalist seems more than ready to expend his stamina much like he did two years ago to the day.

Slipping in a quick run just before the unexpected universal live COVID-19 halt, Daltrey performed a birthday set on this day in 2020. As part of the Rock Legends Cruise lineup, the singer performed a 23-song set proving once again that age is but a number, even on your birthday.

Belting out nine of his top ten most-peformed songs live including The Who classics like “Who Are You,” “Pinball Wizard,” “Baba O’Riley” and “I Can See for Miles,” it caught even us by surprise as we looked back at the setlist to see a handful of deep cuts among the hits.

Having only performed the rare tracks a combined 19 times during his solo career, Daltrey dug up a few The Who greats to accompany what otherwise could be considered a pretty typical set for the guv’nor. Including “The Seeker,” “Join Together” and “Bargain,” fans received a birthday set like no other in 2020.

Roger Daltrey Setlist | Ft. Lauderdale 2020

Of course, to cap off the evening, Daltrey was presented with a cake to commemorate the night and a birthday to remember. We can only hope that he is enjoying just as nice of a sweet treat on his 78th.

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For more information on The Who’s upcoming North American tour along with Roger Daltrey's solo dates this summer, visit The Who’s official website!

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