Flaming Lips Returns to Canada for Final American Head Leg

After taking a 99-day break, the Flaming Lips returned to the stage last night in British Columbia, Canada, for the final leg of the American Head American Tour.

Rocking out at the legendary Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, a venue celebrating its 90th birthday, the psychedelic troupe delighted the Canadian fans with an 18-song set highlighted with confetti and the giant see-thru plastic ball.

The sneaky-deep "Do You Realize??" was performed early in the set, as per usual, "She Don't Use Jelly" was near the end of the first set, and even though the tour is in support of the Lips' latest LP American Head, just three tracks from the 2020 album were included in the show. 

Of note: the trippy Oklahoma City rockers are still including "Enthusiasm for Life Defeats Existential Fear" in the set, a previously unreleased tune added to their greatest hits collection, 20 Years of Weird: Flaming Lips 1986–2006.

The band played it live 20 times in 2009 and then never again until it made its way back into the set in 2022 during this tour.

Do you realize last month the Flaming Lips celebrated their 40th anniversary as a band?

It makes one wonder, "just how old is singer Wayne Coyne?" Turns out the dapper, often grey-haired leader of the outfit is a stunning 62. Stunning because he appears ageless, and timeless.

Once the band wraps up this tour which has a few more dates remaining in Canada and the Western part of the US, it will attend to the business of celebrating the 20th anniversary of their groundbreaking album Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots.

That tour begins in April in the UK and heads back across the pond in May for a collection of special U.S. engagements through the summer. Tickets go on sale Friday for those gigs.

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