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When Maisie Peters stopped by our Setlist.fm studio at the top of the year, we were still calling her second album "MP2" - but now we have a title and a release date! The Good Witch will drop June 16, 2023 and will usher in a new MP era. In the meantime, the globe-trotting singer-songwriter offers us a tour of her most previous device - her phone.

Scroll back to 2016:
"My relationship with my phone is codependent. For the most part I think we get along with each other well. I use my phone to write all of my songs so I have my dreaded Notes app. Let's see. And they stretch all the way back to, I'm scrolling. As you can see, it's a lot of scrolling. 2016. It's just so many lyrics. I have a folder. I have a note on my phone called Session Ideas where I've just got lists and lists and lists and lists and lists, and lists, and lists, and lists and lists. I'm still scrolling of lyrics. Yeah, lots of funny things. 1,799 notes."

Song titles + that leaked TikTok track:
"There's how many voice memos? 2,341. Songs with names such as "Demonic", "Bird Claws", "Verse Football", "Male Manipulator Final Song." There's ideas here that actually became full songs. I have a song that I leaked on TikTok once. It was called "Girls' House". I think this is the first idea of it."

♪ I felt sad about that thing you did ♪
♪ Then I felt mad about that thing you did tonight ♪

"And then it became, I felt sad about that thing. Then I felt mad about that thing. Then I thought fuck that, fuck that thing And everyone really wants it and loved it. And I will just never give them it because it's funny."

Your theories, debunked:
"Discord, I actually use quite a lot these days. So we've got MP2 theories here, which I can scroll through. They think that MP2 is purple vibes. Someone's gone “I've always pictured MP2 as being pink.” I did this word search where I put some secrets in there, but they all found way more secrets than what actually in the word search, which was so funny. And they all found the words Feb 10 in it and they were like, "Something's coming, February 10th." And I was like, "No, it's not." They like to guess what the album's gonna be or what it's gonna be called. They always have crazy theories, and I'm always like, 'None of them are true.'"
Maisie's next string of sold out tour dates kicks off April 14 in Newcastle - get a full list of dates and details on her official website.

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