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With fierce wordplay and high energy shows, Yonaka is a force to be reckoned with. The British threesome is currently on the Welcome to My House tour in support of their 2023 EP of the same name and they’re blowing up sets with powerful lyrical affirmations and the occasional helping hand from an audience member for their single “Seize the Power.” Before taking the show on the road in Europe and the U.K., Theresa, Alex and George made a quick stop in the studio to talk about their favorite live shows. Watch below to see them talk about discovering Twenty One Pilots, being inspired by Bring Me The Horizon and comparing Ned Flanders to Limp Bizkit.

Twenty One Pilots

Theresa: We first got signed six years ago and we got taken for dinner by the label, and they're like, "Oh I've got a surprise for you." And we're like, "Okay, cool. What is it?" And they're like, "we're gonna take you to Twenty One Pilots." And we'd actually never heard of them, and we were like, "Oh, okay". And so anyway, we go to the show, it's at Alexandra Palace in London and then two weeks later, they're our favorite band. Their energy. It's just amazing, and it's so playful and it's on point that everything is like, mwah, but it's like super playful and it feels really real. Like it's from the heart.
Alex: And the theatrics and everything was just like insane. Tyler was like running inside of a ball, across the audience.
George: They were interacting with the backdrop and stuff like that. I'd never seen a show like that. How they both come off stage sweating puddles, you can tell how much they actually put into it.

Bring Me The Horizon

Theresa: Another show that we absolutely love, and band we just love, is Bring Me The Horizon. We saw these guys at The O2 in London. They do not put on a boring show, let me tell you that. It was just like, “Oh my god.” Like, it blows your face off.
Alex: Yeah, they really went for a big production.
Theresa: Yeah. It's basically a mosh pit for like an hour and a half. It's great. You guys were massive fans before, weren't you?
George: It was like one of the first bands I ever watched, underage as a kid, back home in a place called The Tap and Tin.
Alex: And I think their attention to detail, like the sound and everything, the visuals.
Theresa: We actually toured with Bring Me The Horizon in 2019.
Alex: Forced us to up our game as a live band as well, watching that show every night.
Theresa: Massively.
Alex: Yeah, I think we got a lot better after that tour.

Limp Bizkit

Theresa: Okay, so we saw this band this year twice. So we were playing Rock am Ring and Rock in Park in Germany. When we found out we were on the same bill as Limp Bizkit, we were like, “Okay, we're going.” And we watched them both days because the first day we watched them, we were just like having the best time. We were all headbanging in sync, it was beautiful, and then the next day we just decided to go and watch it again, it was like unanimous. We were just like, “Okay, yeah, let's go there now.”
Alex: They were one of the first bands that I ever got into. So it was, it's the first time I'd seen them. So it was just like-
Theresa: It was just so much fun, and he was coming out in different wigs.
George: He's calling it like dad-core, it's like-
Theresa: Dad-core!
George: The new album's, like "Dad Vibes", that's like the single track. So I think he kind of played on that. Like when they first started touring it, he'd come out and he was like coming out with the yellow glasses and stuff when they first started touring.
Theresa: Oh, okay.
George: And he was looking like Ned Flanders kind of vibes.
Theresa: He's cute.
Yonaka’s Welcome to My House tour is ongoing through March 27, with several dates already sold out or with a low ticket warning. You can check dates and try to get your hands on tickets here. Can’t catch them live or just want more? You can watch Yonaka's Unlocked episode here!

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