10 Rappers & Hip Hop Acts Who Played Vans Warped Tour

Though the Vans Warped Tour has rightfully been deemed as the 'punk rock summer camp,' this doesn't necessarily mean that other genres and sub-genres have not been featured throughout it's 24 summers. In fact, throughout it's two + decades, the Vans Warped Tour has been a stepping stone for various hip hop acts.
We've narrowed down the many Vans Warped Tour veterans and compiled a list of some notable non-punks to step on stage at the traveling festival.

Who: G-Eazy
When: 2012
G-Eazy at Warped Tour 2012

Who: Black Eyed Peas
When: 1999, 2000

Who: Prophets of Rage
When: Warped Tour Japan 2018
Prophets of Rage at Warped Tour Japan 2018

Who: Wackaflocka
When: 2016
Waka Flocka at Warped Tour 2016

Who: Ice T
When: 1999
Ice-T at Warped Tour 1999

Who: D-12
When: 2001
D-12 at Warped Tour 2001

Who: Machine Gun Kelly
When: 2012
Machine Gun Kelly at Warped Tour 2012

Who: Matisyahu
When: 2008
Matisyahu at Warped Tour 2008

Who: Mike Posner
When: 2010
Mike Posner at Vans Warped Tour 2010

Who: Eminem
When: 1999
Eminem at Vans Warped Tour 1999

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