Photos + Review: Kate Nash @ The Fonda Theater in Los Angeles

Tuesday night in Los Angeles, “Life In Pink” singer Kate Nash mesmerized an eclectic crowd for an hour and a half as part her “Yesterday Was Forever” tour.
But first: Opener Miya Folick, the lilting, LA-based soprano with a pixie cut, hawking “God is a Woman” tees at her merch booth post-set. The singer songwriter had some astonishing vocal acrobatics, a 4-piece backing band and dancer. If you want to check her out, her newest single is “Dead Body.” 
After some solo drink sipping, fashion observations (cute oversized blazers, bunny ears, creeper shoes, heart-shaped sunnies off duty) and scoping out various vantage points, Kate Nash and her all-female backing band hit the stage to Quiet Riot’s “Come On Feel The Noise."
Kate Nash – By Debi Del Grande
Kate was decked out in a tiny tiara and flowing, silky kimonos. She did a little tease of her very first hit single, “Foundations” before sliding into “Mouthwash,” also off of Made of Bricks. Before launching into her bratty anthem, “Life in Pink,” she shed the robes to reveal a holographic two piece, complimented by neck to toe white fishnets. Who, aside from Kate Nash, can pull of white fishnets? NO ONE.
Kate Nash – By Debi Del Grande
After the politically-minded “Agenda,” the crowd went nuts when they heard the intro to her first single off Yesterday Was Forever, “Drink About You.” And then the crowd was rewarded when Kate herself climbed down into the pit to jump around. And then someone thought it a brilliant idea to pogo while holding their $10 drink in the air, which meant it ended up in my hair. I guess if it HAD to happen, this song was the most fitting.
She played another new song, “Hate You” before dialing up a more rocking version of “Pumpkin Soup.” That flowed into the equally flirty, “Twisted Up” and called for some literal howling at the moon. Insert wolf emoji.
The poetic, “We Get On” preceded a mini-speech about mental health and how important it is to seek professional help. The lights dimmed for the frenetic “Musical Theater” followed by “Always Shining,” “Sister” (the only song from her 2013 release, Girl Talk) and “California Poppies” for the chill, more intimate section of the set.
Then we were treated to the full version of "Foundations," getting inexplicable joy from yelling the lyrics, "You said I must eat so many lemons, Cause I am so BITTER!”
Kate got back on the keys for the live debut of “To The Music I Belong” followed by "Merry Happy" with some intense piano-pounding at the end. She even hit some keys with her butt. There's Instagram video of that.
The two-song encore was more eventful then planned, because someone got a bit rowdy and had to be escorted out during “Today.” Fans took the pause as an opportunity, although too late, to make some requests but Kate insisted she had something special planned. Then she strummed and sang “Birds” to us and all was right in the world.
See the full setlist below.
Kate Nash Setlist
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Kate Nash Is An All-Around Badass

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