Artist to Check Out at Coachella 2019: A R I Z O N A

With the first weekend of Coachella checked off, cue in electro-pop band, and previous 2017 Tour Update guests, A R I Z O N A, who rocked their first-ever Coachella appearance this year! The pop-trio, hailing from New Jersey, have been working since the release of their 2017 debut GALLERY to bring a fresh sense of electric pop that is entirely their own.
After meeting in college in Boston, they began to make music together in 2015 before being oddly discovered by their-now manager on Reddit. They were consequently signed in 2016 to Atlantic Records and released infectious pop tracks "I Was Wrong," "Oceans Away," and "Cross My Mind."
A R I Z O N A via YouTube
In addition to their unique take on electro-pop, the trio has also revolutionized the relationship between artist and label. They continually find themselves at the forefront of their creative direction, making them complete jacks of all trade in music.
"For us, it's always about getting our creativity out and into our work," the band revealed in a 2017 interview. "The visual is just another avenue of expression for us. Zach is really into [video] editing and has gotten very good at generating content for us. Everything you see, for the most part, we generate."
With their full-fledge creative power in place, the pop group continued their path of success playing a 10-track set at Coachella weekend one. This is definitely not a set you want to miss during weekend two! You'll want to be able to dance around the desert to summer-feeling tracks "Freaking Out," "Find Someone," and "Summer Days," among so many other future hits!
Check out their setlist from weekend one at Coachella 2019:
A R I Z O N A's Coachella Setlist
As A R I Z O N A continues to evolve their eclectic pop beats, they are surely a trio to remember from Coachella 2019. Check out some of their more recent releases that properly show off their creative pop style:
A R I Z O N A via YouTube
A R I Z O N A via YouTube
A R I Z O N A via YouTube
A R I Z O N A via Instagram

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