Meet Krysta Youngs, a Songwriter Behind BTS' "HOME"

With BTS mania in full force as their latest release Map of the Soul: Persona is projected to take the #1 spot globally including the US Billboard Top 200 albums chart, we can't help but wonder what exactly goes into the driving force behind the biggest musical act in the world.

We had the opportunity to talk with rising singer/songwriter Krysta Youngs, who wrote on "HOME" from Map of the Soul: Persona, to find out about her journey with BTS and what she has in store for the future!

How did you get involved in the writing of “Home”?

KY: I was invited to a songwriting camp in Seoul, Korea back in April of 2018 by my sub-publisher FujiPacific Music Korea. When I was there I became friends with an A&R who, at the time, worked for another big K-Pop label. We kept in touch through social media and in December of last year she reached out and asked me if I wanted to topline some tracks for BTS. Of course I said yes and the rest is history. 

What was the inspiration behind the song “Home”?

KY: We wanted to create a song that was honest, emotional and could speak to BTS's listeners. 

When did you find out your song would make the final album cut? What was your reaction? 

KY: It was Grammy week and I was standing in line outside of No Name Bar with my co-writer Julia Ross waiting to get into an event. I happened to be scrolling through Instagram and I saw that I had a DM from the A&R at Big Hit. I didn't think anything of it because we had been using Instagram to communicate about the songs I was writing for them. When I read her message I immediately looked at Julia and was like, "Oh My God, we got the cut!"  Since Julia and I are HUGE believers in the Law of Attraction, when I told her she thought I was just trying to speak the placement into existence. I literally had to be like, "No, Julia, we ACTUALLY  got a BTS cut!!!" It was really awesome that we got to share that moment together.

"HOME" songwriters Krysta Youngs and Julia Ross

How have fan reactions been to “HOME”?

The feedback from the BTS ARMY has been incredibly positive. Since HOME was written about them and it's amazing to see the response from the fans. For me, music has always been about the connection and so being a part of this song in particular is extra special. 

Aside from “HOME,” what is your favorite BTS song? 

"FAKE LOVE" is probably my favorite BTS song at the moment.  I've been listening to it on repeat in my car. It's classic. 

Did you work on any other BTS songs you can reveal? 


Would you work with them again in the future?

100%, they are amazing. Big Hit has one of the biggest bands in the world AND they're amazing to work with. It's a win win. 

What’s in store for Krysta Young? Any other collaborations in the works?

I'm currently working on my album Use Your Imagination which will include a collaboration with SPLICE which I'm really excited about. I've also been writing a ton of K-pop, recording features for DJ's and writing with extremely talented new artists here in the states. I'm always open to new collabs so feel free to reach out!

Anything you want to say to BTS fans who may be reading this?

To all the BTS ARMY's around the world...your love, loyalty and support has been incredible.  Your trust in songwriters is unparalleled and has warmed my heart with each comment I read. THANK YOU for believing in "HOME" and in me.  I love you <3

Keep tabs on Krysta Youngs through her Instagram and Twitter, you never know when she'll post any new BTS teasers... right?!

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