Muse Wraps Up North American "Simulation Theory" Tour

After tirelessly stunning the masses with their extensive North American tour in support of Simulation Theory, Muse brought it to a close over the weekend with a grande finale show in Chicago at the United Center on April 12th.
The arena tour wasn't just a showcase of Muse's impressive catalog, but also a complete sci-fi spectacle full of wonders and far-out visuals. Each night, the band would prime fans by sending out a marching brass band adorned in light-up helmets and metallic armor. Lead singer Matt Bellamy enters the stage equipped in glasses that are covered in mini lights.
The tour also featured inflatable robots, laser lights, and a whopping setlist made up of 24-songs on average. They would open each show with two Simulation Theory songs, a shortened alternate reality version of "Algorithm" into "Pressure."
Throughout the night they would slay through hits like "Plug in Baby" and "Time is Running Out." They included a lot of easter eggs in their sets for fans. On the last night, for instance, they outro'd "Hysteria" with Smashing Pumpkins' "Cherub Rock."
Each show got it's own version of this. In some cities, they would intro "Supermassive Black Hole" with the theme song of Close Encounters of the Third Kind and outro'd it with The Troggs' "Wild Thing."

They also did an acoustic gospel version of "Dig Down" every night. In Chicago, after 21 songs, Muse returned to the stage to encore three songs, including the full version of "Algorithm" and a medley of "Stockholm Syndrome" / "Assassin" / "Reapers" / "The Handler" / "New Born" which ended with a snippet of Deftones' "Headup."
They concluded their last US date with "Knights of Cydonia," as they've done every other night. Check out the setlist below!
Muse will lift off the European leg of the tour on May 26th in Prague. During their UK stint, they will be joined by Pale Waves and Linkin Park's Tom Morello.
Check out the complete dates over on their website.
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