Setlist History: Lorde at Coachella 2017

It’s Coachella time again! With a ton of bands performing, a ridiculous number of people attending, art installations, activities and, yeah, that Ferris Wheel, it might just be the biggest and arguably best party in music.

So in 2017, it was perfect for Lorde to debut her party-ready song “Homemade Dynamite.” Lorde even introduced the song as the part of a night out “where everything is good.” And Lorde’s Coachella set that year was definitely when everything was good. Along with the debut, she performed several other songs off of her then-upcoming album Melodrama: “Sober,” “Sober II," "Melodrama” and “Liability,” which she mixed up with a cover of Kanye West’s “Runaway.”


The fun didn’t stop there, either. Lorde would go on to release a remix of “Homemade Dynamite” with the help of Khalid, SZA and Post Malone. This would become the album’s third single. The album itself debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts and was later nominated for Album of the Year at the 60th Grammy Awards.

But Lorde’s performance garnered a lot of attention, even being noted as a high point of the festival for a lot of critics. She debuted a new and different look that night, clad in a sparkly top and pants ensemble, and some people called her performance style “bolder” than it had been before.

Watch a fan-caught video, below:

"Homemade Dynamite" Debut at Coachella

What’s Lorde’s next move? We can’t be sure. It’s probably fair to assume the dynamic pop songstress has something big planned. But until then she’s left us with a great performance and the perfect song for “Our friends, our drinks, we get inspired/Blowing sh*t up with homemade d-d-d-dynamite.”

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