Enslaved Performed 9-Song Livestream Set at USF Verfet in Norway

Last night (April 1) Norwegian heavy metal band Enslaved performed a rocking online set for fans. Their performance was part of the Verftet Online Music Festival that took place at USF Verftet in Bergen, Norway. The concert was live-streamed on YouTube and began at 8 pm Norwegian time.
The set was not like most we have been seeing where artists perform acoustic in their homes with only a guitar in hand. This performance was a full-on production as if it was a concert with a packed audience watching. All of the band members got together and put on a show fans would never forget. Enslaved pulled out all the stops with lights, special effects, and metal music blasting throughout the venue.
The hour and a half long concert consisted of a 9-song setlist. Enslaved opened with their song “Ethica Odini” and weaved in hits such as “Return to Yggdrasil,” “Sacred Horse” and “The Crossing.”
The band incorporated a variety of their albums into the set including Below the Lights, Isa, Axioma Ethica Odini, E, Hordanes Land and Ruun.
A highlight from the performance was when they played their song “The Dead Stare” and "The Crossing" both for the first time live since 2006.
The band performed their song “Isa” toward the end of the set. This is their most performed song ever being played 295 times since the start of their career.
Enslaved closed their set with their song “Allfǫðr Oðinn.” This song is in their top five most performed songs at 251 times.
Check out last night’s setlist here:
Enslaved (April 1)
Also, check out the full live-streamed performance here:

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Verftet Online Music Festival
Enslaved also just announced they will still be performing at the Prognosis Festival in Effenaar Eindhoven, Netherlands. The dates for the festival have been postponed to the weekend of September 4th and 5th.

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