Radiohead Play 21-Song Set on Ed O'Brien's Birthday This Day 1998

Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien turns 51-years-old today. The talented musician is also just two days shy from dropping his debut, solo album, Earth. It comes out on April 17th and he has a North American tour planned in support of it in June. There's no word on whether that will be rescheduled yet from COVID-19.

In honor of his Birthday, we're throwing it back to 1998, the day he turned 29 on the "OK Computer" Tour. That special night, Radiohead were performing in Worcester, Massachusetts at the Centrum Centre.

The setlist on this tour averaged at 21 songs a night, including two encores. This night was no different, opening up with "Airbag" and performing a set dominated with songs off of the third studio album. At this point in the tour, the band were nearing the end, only three days away from concluding the year-long tour in New York on April 18th.

They included all the most beloved hits off the record like "Paranoid Android," "Lucky," "Exit Music (for a Film)," and "Karma Police." They also worked in favorites off of The Bends like "Fake Plastic Trees," "My Iron Lung," "Just," and "Planet Telex."

Pablo Honey didn't get much love at this particular show, but they did play rare cut "Lurgee," a song that hasn't been performed by the band since 2003. Other rarities included "Pearly*," which has only been performed 36 times by the band and not since 2001. It was performed 23 times on this tour alone. "Bullet Proof... I Wish I Was" also earned a spot on this setlist, but since then have only made rare appearances before getting completely dropped off of Radiohead's live sets in 2008.

Even rarer, was when they opened up their first encore with "Polyethylene (Part 2)," a song that has only been performed 13 times during their career and only during that tour alone. It was last played at the last concert of the tour in 1998.

Froth over the setlist right here:


Happiest birthdays to Ed and congrats on the new solo album!

Karma Police - Please Share:

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