Concert Confessions: MisterWives

Count MisterWives among the many to release mid-pandemic material - their third studio album, SUPERBLOOM dropped in July 2020. And to think we COULD have been frolicking in a festival field to "Decide to Be Happy"! Until we can fulfill that concert fantasy, we did get to catch up with Mandy, Jesse, Mike, William, Etienne and Marc - virtually. Watch them each reveal confessions from their corners of the planet:
Concert Confessions: MisterWives

First impression of bandmates

Jesse Blum: My first impression, meeting everyone in the band from MisterWives was, what a bunch of silly people who play instruments well.
Mike Murphy: I met the collected band at this college in Upstate New York.
Marc Campbell: First impression meeting Eight was he's a good drummer.
William Hehir: The first person I met was Mandy, definitely blown away. She's incredibly talented and always has been.
Mandy Lee: Remember meeting Jesse vividly. First impression was Abraham Lincoln is still alive. Top hat and chops that were so long they grew off his face.
Etienne Bowler: My first impression of Murph. He was an incredibly talented saxophone player.

Nicknames for each other

Mandy: Jesse, we call him Jeffy. Also, Dr. Bloom.
Etienne: We're not sure if he's an actual doctor or not.
Jesse: Why do I have an eye infection?
Mike: Mandy, we call Mandy Lee D, or Amanda Lee Duffy, or One Half of the Duffy Disaster, my personal favorite.
Marc: Murphy, Michael Murphy. Murph, Murph-dog.
William: I'm Cig Willy, I guess. Because... I smoke a lot of cigarettes.
Etienne: Everybody calls me Eight. 'Cause Etienne is kind of annoying.
Marc: Could probably get more involved in giving people nicknames.

Most absurd thing you've heard people say about MisterWives' music?

Mandy: I could answer this really quickly if I read our YouTube comments.
Etienne: A lot of nasty comments, just saying this is some pop garbage.
Jesse: "Ugh no, just no . . . . . ." And I believe it was on Reddit. I won't say who it was.

Favorite MisterWives song

Mike: My favorite MisterWives song is probably "Our Own House" because I have so many fond memories performing it.
Etienne: "decide to be happy."
Jesse: "decide to be happy."
William: "Imagination Infatuation," 'cause we do like a different version of it from the recording.
Mandy: Depending on the mood. Honestly, anything off SUPERBLOOM.

Renaming the band

Mike: If I had to rename the band, I would definitely rename it something terrible.
Marc: Mr. Knives? It's a little edgier.
Mike: Mandy and the Madness.
Jesse: I'd rename it Songs in the Key of Wife.

What's the weirdest thing you've done at home on quarantine?

Mandy: Probably the being home part.
Jesse: The weirdest non-sexual thing that I've done at home during quarantine....I don't know.
Etienne: Paint my dad and mom's garage.
Mike: Set up an audience of stuffed animals to play to. It's kind of a dark time.

Quarantine jam

Mike: I think the song I've been jamming the most during quarantine is "IknowhowIfeel" by this band Parcels.
William: This is is the first time I've ever gone through like every Foo Fighters record.
Etienne: Mac Miller's album Circles.
Marc: And Dawes "Things Happen," love that.
Jesse: DripReport - this gentlemen has one song out called "Skechers."
Mandy: Probably Phoebe Bridgers' Punisher record is brilliant, but that's less jamming and more crying.

Looking forward

Jesse: The three things that I'm looking forward to most once quarantine ends is playing shows.
Etienne: Able to go on tour.
Marc: Playing shows.
William: Getting to play live shows.
Mike: Live concerts, playing, going, performing.
I just look forward to any form of life outside of quarantine. All of it sounds like the best day ever.

Most rockstar thing

Jesse: The most rockstar thing about myself is that I have 51 bow ties.
Etienne: Well, I guess I do have a gold record I don't know. Oh, it's over there.
William: The most rockstar thing. I mean, I wake up every day and piss excellence.
Mandy: This closet, look at her. That's a rockstar. I feel very far from that woman, but I'm proud of her.
Marc: The most rock star thing about me is probably my cat Frannie. She's a fucking badass.

Career highlights

Mike: The one career highlight I'm probably most proud of is Madison Square Garden, playing to a sold-out crowd.
Etienne: It has been a dream since I was eight years old.
Jesse: So, so awesome to play the biggest venue in the city that you are from.
Marc: One of the best nights and days of my life.

How you want MisterWives to be remembered

I would like my band and my friends and I to be remembered as a musical band of people who are actually friends, playing the music they want to play, with the people that they want to play with.
Etienne: Music that helped people.
William: A band that put their heart and soul into the music.
Mike: That tried to play original organic music. By the people for the people.
Marc: Putting on really fun and energetic live shows.
Mandy: The big one for me is the people that have carried our music and how much it connects you to humans and makes you feel less alone. Like that's such a beautiful gift that I'm really proud of.
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