On This Day in 1977 X-Ray Spex Performed at The Roxy in London

On this day in 1977, English punk rock band X-Ray Spex took to the stage at The Roxy in their hometown of London, England. The show is the first setlist for the band uploaded in our Setlist.fm database. The legendary group had formed just one year prior to the date of the performance. Through the short span of their original formation, they only released five singles and one full length album, but are widely credited within the punk scene to this day as pioneers of the genre. Their unique sound- using the saxophone in their material and their brightly colored aesthetic on stage set them apart from their peers during the era.
X-Ray Spex's setlist from The Roxy on April 2, 1977 kicked off with one of their most popular singles, "Oh Bondage! Up Yours!." The song is listed as a bonus track on the bands' debut album, Germfree Adolescents. Additional tracks from Side A of the record landed on the setlist including "Identity," "Let's Submerge," and "I Can't Do Anything." Songs from Side B of the album like ""Plastic Bag," "I Live Off You" and bonus track "I Am a Cliché" were also performed during the set.
Take a look at X-Ray Spex's full setlist from The Roxy in London, England in 1977 below:

The original iteration of X-Ray Spex existed from mid-1976 to 1979. After X-Ray Spex's lead singer Poly Styrene left the band in 1979 due to exhaustion from touring, she released a solo album. The band later reformed in 1991. Check out more X-Ray Spex setlists on their artist page here.
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