The Reason I Rhyme: 24KGoldn

If you've jammed along to viral sensation, "Mood" then you already know Golden Landis Von Jones, better known as 24KGoldn, but in this episode of The Reason I Rhyme you can level up. Listen as the 20-year-old rising star - who just released his debut album, El Dorado - details his upbringing, blowing up during quarantine and what he hopes his legacy will be. Take a look:
The Reason I Rhyme: 24KGOLDN


You might know me as 24kGoldn. I'm a music artist, businessman, philanthropist, multi-hyphenate. I was born in the year 2000, which in the Chinese Zodiac is the Year of the Golden Dragon. And my dad's driving by the beach one day and pulled up and took a look over the water. And he said it was the most beautiful golden sunset he'd ever seen in his life. And he turned on the radio and the song, "Golden Time of Day" came on and he was like, oh, s***. So he went and told my mom, and she was like, "okay, you're right, this is the universe trying to tell us something. Maybe we should name him Goldn."

His upbringing:

I had an overabundance of culture and perspective always in my house. My parents were huge music heads. They played everything from John Legend to Kanye West to like Lauryn Hill and classical music, you know, pop music, indie music. So I kinda heard it all growing up. All those influences I think are very present and apparent in "El Dorado." It's rap. It's rock. It's R&B. It's pop. It's alternative. And I take in the best of all those little sounds in different genres to make something that's uniquely me and my own.

TikTok + good music:

My come up is very interesting. I signed and then my song just kind of randomly went viral. Once I saw the power of TikTok, how it can bring a community together to rally behind your music, I just started making videos on TikTok and meeting up with different people and making videos with them, and just kinda getting a better understanding on this community because I think that it's probably one of the most powerful tools in music right now. But the key at the end of the day is to have good music cause if your song sucks, no one's gonna wanna listen to it no matter how much you try to engineer a viral trend.

The success of "Mood":

Well, "Mood," it's the biggest song in the world, and I didn't even get to perform it in front of anybody yet. So many people DM me like,"yo, this song saved my quarantine." Or like, "I woke up everyday and listened to this, and it just made me feel good in the quarantine."
And I think that's what music is about at the end of the day, bringing people together and helping them be a better version or the best version of themselves.

The reason he rhymes:

I rhyme because I love it. I think that there's certain things that can't necessarily be expressed with words alone. You know, it needs to be put into a song for me to even understand how I feel sometimes. Because music, it does something different to me, man. It makes me feel, it helps me express myself better. It's my God-given talent, I feel like if I don't rhyme, if I don't share it with the world, then I'm holding back and I can't hold back.

His legacy:

I want my legacy to be, wow, this is a guy that had a genuine positive impact on the world before he left. I just want to keep doing that as much as I can.

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