The Reason I Rhyme: The Kid LAROI

In the latest episode of The Reason I Rhyme, we meet rising Australian singer, rapper, songwriter and record producer The Kid LAROI. Listen as he shares how he got start, his musical inspirations, the importance of bringing up other Australian artists and more. Watch the episode:
The Reason I Rhyme: The Kid LAROI


My name is The Kid LAROI. I'm 17 years old. I'm from Sydney, Australia and I'm an artist. Growing up, moving around a lot and going through so many different things, it was definitely stressful and hard for me as a young kid tryna to figure out how I was gonna to change something because I felt like everybody around me, they didn't want to change, so I felt like if I wanted something to change in my life then I had to go and get it myself. It was stressful, but it motivated me a lot.

Getting Started:

Ever since I was young, I always tried to rap. Like I was always writing rap lyrics and stuff like that and I'd always record myself on the phone. I've always had like a mindset that if I want to make something happen, I can make it happen.
Growing up, my mum and I bonded over music. My mum played a lot of like Erykah Badu and Tupac, Kanye, all that type of stuff, so I just picked up a lot of that stuff. I started going through certain things and relating the lyrics and stuff to my own life. And then I said, oh maybe I can do this. When I watched the Tupac "Dear Mama" video, or the "Brenda's Got A Baby" video, and I was like, oh damn this is crazy, I love this. And I was super, super, super young too but I like understood it. That's one of the things that made me wanna do music.
I definitely think I get my work ethic from my mum. You know, being able to turn nothing into something in terms of like, when we didn't have a lot of money, being able to find ways to get money and send me and my brother to a nice school. I saw that, and that was always embedded into me. I guess, watching my mom do that gave me a super like hustler mentality.

Praise from Elton John:

Elton John. That was pretty crazy. Justin Bieber following me on Instagram. To be honest, I don't really like focus too much on that stuff 'cause it doesn't even, all the way feel real, so I kind of just keep it moving.


Ever since the "WITHOUT YOU" song started going up, I'm seeing like all the different videos that people make. It's super funny. I love it.
It's crazy and I feel so lucky and blessed that all of those different people follow me and support my songs. But at the same time, like I don't focus on it too much. I'm more focused on like real life. I write for myself and I'm happy that people like what I write. It's not something that I necessarily expect but it's a blessing to be able to have that.

Highlighting Australian Artists:

It's important for me to highlight and try and give recognition to upcoming artists in Australia because I feel like when I was making music growing up, I felt like I didn't have anybody to like look up to that was from Australia and like, oh that's my guy from my country like, that's really doing it. So I guess I want to be able to come back and like be what I wanted for myself back then for other kids.
That's one of my biggest goals in the whole music thing is to show people what Australia has really got. 'Cause I feel like sometimes it could be overlooked but there's a lot of raw and unseen talent that the world needs to hear about.

The Reason He Rhymes:

The reasons I rhyme is to get my feelings out because I hate talking about my feelings. My number one goal in music is to be the biggest artist in the world. I want to be further in my career. I want to make better music. I want to be a better version of myself. I want to be able to inspire as many people as I can and accomplish all the things I want to accomplish in my life.

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