Janet Jackson Kicks Off Together Again Tour with 40-Song Set

Janet Jackson kicked off her Together Again Tour on Friday (April 14) with an enormous setlist which included a slew of live debuts.

Miss Jackson bombarded the 7,000 fans at the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida with a 40-song set spanning her illustrious career.

Wait... 40 songs?

Indeed, just like the cost of eggs, setlists of artists are growing massively. For years stalwarts like Bruce Springsteen and the Cure would deliver epic shows with dozens of oldies, deep cuts, and hits (The Cure's last show was 32 songs, and the Boss's was 27.)

"Scream," the duet Janet and Michael had a hit with.

But now we see Taylor Swift doling out 44 songs on her Eras tour, Beck pumping out 32 tunes recently, and even the 55-year-old Chicago is performing 28 tunes a night on their most recent tour.

But damn it, Janet, 40?

Well for those of you budgeting for babysitters, no need to break the bank. Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, Michael, Randy, La Toya and Reebie's sister seems to be a fan of both medleys and highlights of the hits. In this short attention span TikTok world we live in a verse and a chorus of a nostalgic song might just be enough to please a crowd waiting to hear even a Whitman sampler of their faves. It's better than nothing which is what Janet's fans have gotten since 2019. This show was a tad more than two hours long.

Jackson rewarded the patient ones on Friday with live debuts of "Damita Jo," "Enjoy," "Girlfriend/Boyfriend," "Like You Don't Love Me," and "Do It 2 Me."

But as you can see from this video, many of these are abbreviated versions to whet one's whistle.

Janet also dusted off some tunes she hadn't played in the longest time.

Of note is Herb Alpert "Diamonds" which audiences haven't heard her perform since 2011 and "Because of Love" which she hasn't sung since her janet tour in 1995.

The 40 tunes were culled from 10 albums, with Rhythm Nation 1814 getting the most representation. And of course she played most of her hits from "What Have You Done for Me Lately," to "Control," to "Miss You Much," "Black Cat" and "Scream."

What's missing, strangely, was 2010's "Make Me" which hit #1 on Billboard's U.S. Dance chart.

That #1 is significant because it was the first time an artist had topped that chart in four different decades. It's also a fun, fresh, jam - perfect for an arena concert yearning for a club feel.

Will this 5x Grammy winner who has sold over 100 million albums to insert that song into an already impacted setlist? The best way to find out is to get tickets from Janet's website for her US tour that goes through June.

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