Weezer Warms Up For Their Roadtrip with Live Debuts and Rarities

In a few months Weezer will hit the road for their Indie Rock Roadtrip tour which will feature opening bands Modest Mouse, Future Islands or Spoon. Last month the band tweeted "we'll be playing a whole new setlist filled with your favorites + deep cuts along the way."

Last night (April 24) the band delighted 800 fans at the Glass House in Pomona during a warm up show, while living up to its promise. New, old, and obscure tunes got their moment throughout the night,.

If you haven't noticed, singer/songwriter Rivers Cuomo has been one prolific man. Since 2021, Weezer has released two full-length albums (OK Human and Van Weezer), four EPs (the SZNZ tetralogy), and several singles. Nearly 60 new songs have been produced in a little over 2 years. How does a band get those into a set spanning a career of almost 30 years?

To their credit, Weezer's 26 1/2-song set last night was culled from 13 albums, EPs, and Rivers' demos album.

Their debut, the Blue Album, accounted for six tunes. Pinkerton and surprisingly 2014's Everything Will Be Alright in the End each had three songs represented. EWBAITE's dominance was surprising because the three tunes Weezer plucked from that Ric Ocasek-produced sleeper were songs the band hadn't played much since 2014... and none of those tunes were singles from the album.


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Also interesting was the treatment of those aforementioned dozens of new songs. Nothing from Van Weezer was played and only the adorable "All My Favorite Songs" came from OK Human.

Of the four SZNZ EPs, only three were represented: one from Winter and just the guitar solo of Autumn's "Run, Raven, Run" was played. The two tunes from Summer ("Blue Like Jazz" and "Thank You and Good Night") were both well-received live debuts.

And the band harmonized on a sweet version of "Endless Bummer" from 2016's White Album, which was also a live debut -- or as Rivers called it, "another world premiere."

But the biggest surprise was probably the performance of "Paperface" which hadn't been played since 1992, two years before their first album was released from a time they were scrounging around uncool LA clubs like the Coconut Teaszer.

Another rarity was "Blast Off" a playful tune from Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo - which hadn't been played since 2012 and has only been played twice before.

All in all it was a fantastic show with a great sample of the band's long, rich history.

The only improvement one could imagine is exchanging one of the tunes from the Blue album ("Surf Wax") and Everything Will Be Alright in the End ("I've Had It Up to Here") with "Angels on Vacation" from Spring (a tune that has never been performed live) and Maladroit's "Burndt Jamb" which they've already played twice this year.

Weezer's Indie Rock Roadtrip stars this summer in the deep south. Get your tickets at the band's website.

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